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The Wisdom Is in You—5 Ways to Realize It

Sorry to break it to you, but when I’m doing a tarot reading I tell you what you already know. The majority of my clients know what I’m going to say to them in a reading. So why the heck do I still have clients, now that I’ve revealed that very simple fact? I’ll tell you why: most people don’t believe in or trust their own wisdom. They need their wisdom reflected back to them from a different person to fully “get it”.

There’s a series of rather cheesy tv movies on the Hallmark channel that I am addicted to called “The Good Witch”. It stars Catherine Bell as “Cassandra Nightingale”, the “good witch”. There is also “The Good Witch’s Garden”, “The Good Witch’s Gift”, and “The Good Witch’s Family” (though I haven’t seen that last one). Why am I telling you about this? Because in “The Good Witch’s Garden”, Cassie deals with the police chief’s son, Brandon, who is going through a teenage bout of falling in with the wrong crowd. Cassie chooses to deal with this by giving Brandon a “magic mirror”. During the course of the movie, Brandon looks at his reflection in this mirror several times and finally realizes he doesn’t like the person looking back at him. He chooses to stand up to his new friends when confronted with a situation that may endanger people and cause destruction to property. He then returns the mirror to Cassie and understands the reason why she gave him the mirror in the first place.

Readers are mirrors. Yes, sometimes I can tell clients about a situation that hasn’t happened yet. But most of the time, I’m telling clients what they know already and reflecting the situation back at them. Perhaps the real gift of a reader is showing the client what’s in themselves, pulling it out of them, and holding it up for the client to see and analyze more objectively. When it’s within the client, there’s no way to gain perspective. Pulling the situation out and looking at it as a separate entity from a client gives the client the power to perceive things for how they truly are, without distortion of inner emotions.

Can you do this in your own life? Absolutely! Here are 5 ways to get in touch with your inner wisdom (and trust me, it’s in there).

5 Ways to Realize Your Inner Wisdom

  1. Acknowledge there is something brewing. Usually you can do this by checking in with your gut.
  2. Pull it out. Use a blank canvas to describe the situation. Be specific and detailed. Hold nothing back. Get it all out onto the page through writing, drawing, painting… any way you best use to journal your life.
  3. Walk away from it. At least for a little while. At minimum, leave it for an hour. If possible, leave it for a day or more. Do something else, and act like you are no longer worried about the situation, because technically speaking, you’ve put it outside of yourself. It’s on that canvas, and that’s where it lives in the meantime. Don’t stew or fester on the situation that you’ve released.
  4. Come back to it and look. If necessary, pull out a separate sheet of paper and take notes. What is this situation to you now? What would you say to someone that was having this situation? Be as “outside of yourself” as possible.
  5. Reflect and recuperate. It’s tough doing this and will most likely bring baggage up to the surface you were previously unaware of. Allow yourself to process the baggage that comes up.

In wisdom and light,


How do you know your inner wisdom is trying to tell you something? What do you do when that happens? Share your advice in the Comments section!

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9 Responses to The Wisdom Is in You—5 Ways to Realize It

  1. Julie Geigle says:

    Very interesting insight and I totally agree with you. I often wonder what people see in psychics (even though I am one) and a psychic friend told me once, “We give people hope where there is none.” It really helped me embrace my gifts as a psychic and shift my perception about the profession. I really love how you explained this. Thank you. ♥

    • Hilary says:

      Julie, I think as psychic workers we let people know that there is a difference between fate, destiny, and choices. Do I think everyone has a life purpose? Absolutely. Do I think some things can happen no matter what you do to avoid them? Yes, sometimes. Do I think our choices define us? Totally.

      My biggest point in writing this was to let people know they don’t have to give their own wisdom and power away when they visit a reader… b/c they already have that wisdom within themselves.

  2. Bri Saussy says:

    Lovely Hillary-this is why I refer to myself as a “self-inquiry sorceress”! Because I completely agree with you that we already know the answers to our heart’s deepest question-we just have to have the courage to face them!

  3. Michelle says:

    This is a great post, Hillary! I think people who aren’t familiar with tarot tend to think that people who use it think that magic is somehow in the cards themselves. Not so, at all.

    For me, I know my inner wisdom has something to share when I feel “off” physically. Like, I’m not digesting food well, I’m not sleeping well, I feel kind of nauseous or my shoulders/throat feel too tight…those are ways that I know something is wrong, and after I eliminate physical causes I start looking for other causes. And…not shockingly, tarot and the runes are two of the tools I often use for that! 😉

    • Hilary says:

      Michelle: I also experience nausea when something’s “not quite right”. I also sometimes feel bigger than myself, or smaller than myself (expansion, contraction) and that lets me know something hinky is going on.

  4. Meg says:

    I am just now realizing why I am being called to be a Creative Coun-SOUL-er b/c before I wondered, why anyone can find what they need. But this post illustrates it beautifully that sometimes people just need affirmation or permission or just need to hear it in someone’s elses voice. Great points

  5. Great tips Hilary.
    I find that the coaching process is very similar in that part of my role is to mirror back to my clients who they are being, what they desire, and the energy that they are embodying.

    I think that people get disconnected from their own self awareness because of the conditioning and pressure to conform and BE a certain way. Reconnecting to your own inner wisdom is the best thing you can do for yourself!

  6. Great post! The Tarot cards are really just guides to what we already know within ourselves. I love your five tips for accessing this intuitive knowledge as it is a great way to empower each individual.

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