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What I do at a psychic faire: use all I’ve got

This weekend, I did my first ever psychic faire. I know, I know, you’ve been in the tarot business for how many years, and this was your first psychic faire? Yup, it’s true. My friend Jenna “Queen of Wands” Matlin will be ashamed of me.

My forever-on-my-ass biz mentor Theresa Reed calls psychic faires or parties a “psychic gangbang.” For her, this kind of energy is just not her jam and she doesn’t do ‘em. And that’s cool. To each our own, as the wise ones say.

I THRIVED on this energy. Loved it. Got a little jealous and down in the dumps when I saw tons of people booked for one person while my client seat was empty, but reminded myself that some people there have a following there or local clients. Yes, I compared myself to the other readers there (hey, I’m human), but the butterflies in my stomach (it happens for every new client, like the energy of a first date) disappeared once the client’s butt was in my chair and the cards were shuffled. And once one person took a chance on an unknown kid (comment below if you get that reference), I didn’t have a break until it was closing time. Sweet!

This experience has given rise to a new way of working for me.Continue Reading

Not So Virtue-ous: The Online Uproar About Doreen Virtue

So the big scoop in the tarot world last week is eclipse-related: eclipses are known for shaking things up and sudden about-faces. In true big-ass eclipse fashion, Doreen Virtue, known primarily for her Angel Oracles and tarot decks, very publicly DENOUNCED tarot this week (she also denounced fairies, mermaids, goddesses, etc.).

A little background information: Whenever a card reader says that they are a Certified Angel Card Reader, this is likely to mean that they studied through one of Doreen Virtue’s online courses, gaining more advance training in how to read the Angel Cards.

As for me, I’m not an Angel Card reader. I’ve just never been drawn to those kinds of decks (these are the ones I am drawn to). I’m not saying that I don’t believe in angelic energy or symbolism… in fact there have been many times I have seen such symbols and connected with them in my tarot work, namely seeing much Archangel Michael energy in the Swords suit of Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine tarot deck.

Going on the record here: Doreen Virtue’s work has never spoken to me personally. This is not to say that the people that DO follow her work, buy her decks, or study with her online, aren’t getting something meaningful or profound: to each their own. But me? Meh. Not a fan.Continue Reading

Weekly Round-Up: Big Ass Solar Eclipse Edition









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world. Today’s link love edition on a Monday comes to you courtesy of the solar eclipse!

I wrote about When Hollywood Gets Psychic Abilities Right last week. Clearly, I love movies… it’s one of my favorite activities! I watched the movie Passengers last month when it was on one of the movie channels, and have a love/hate relationship with it. It inspired my new haircut and color (thanks JLaw!), but I also realize it’s a pretty terrible movie with a lot of grievous sins and potholes you could drive that proverbial truck through. CinemaSins agrees with me. Watch their video Everything Wrong with Passengers in 16 Minutes or Less. [The score is pretty beautiful though….]



Melissa Cassera is a doll and added 4 BONUS LESSONS to her Clicksanity course! Right now, it’s just $97 to enroll in Clicksanity, but the price jumps to $249 on August 25th… get in there at the reduced rate. It would be foolish not to! [If there was an affiliate link for Clicksanity, I would be jockin’ it… this course really helped breathe new life into my newsletters!]

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