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I’m Hilary Parry, and I’m a tarot reader. I believe in interactivity, tough love, and a no-nonsense approach. I do tell it like it is. I am simply the girl next door... that reads tarot.

You wouldn’t make a major decision in your life without consulting a few of your trusted friends for advice, would you? Probably not. Sometimes you need someone with more objectivity. I offer that objectivity, and then some, with my tarot readings.

I am based out of Westchester, NY. If you would like an in-person reading with me, you need to be in the Westchester area, too. For in-person readings, I do not have a home office and readings are by appointment only. If you are not in the area, I am also available through phone, Skype, and e-mail. Drop me an e-mail and we can make arrangements: tarrytowntarot[at]gmail[dot]com or see my About/Contact page and use my contact form.

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I read tarot like I write. And where I write about tarot is at my tarot blog.

Readers Studio 2015: Day 1

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Readers Studio… aka “the most wonderful time of the year” aka “better than Christmas for tarot readers.” Yes, once again, it’s time for the rundown of Readers Studio, day by day, minute by glorious minute.

Courtney and I arrived a little late this time, due to traffic, but still in time to say quick hellos before we seated ourselves for the Opening Session (and still in time to get the traditional greeting from Sasha Graham of “my witches are here!!!!”; Readers Studio wouldn’t be the same without that warm greeting!). Our lateness prevented me from cruising the booths in search of new decks to satiate my inner magpie, and I sat down with the lovely Shavonne Readus of RedLight Readings who asked me to partner up with her for the Foundation Reading (the cornerstone of the Readers Studio). I was delighted to meet her, as we’ve been communicating through Facebook for quite a while… it’s always nice to connect with your tarot/divination tribe in person!

But before getting to the Foundation Reading, the three Master Class teachers were introduced and interviewed. This year’s Master Class teachers were Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Theresa Reed, and Carrie Paris.Continue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: 4/17/15 Upheaval Edition









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

Links that are currently rocking my face off, with a slant on upheaval: and dealing with it when shit goes down (especially the shit you don’t want to go down).

Some are my own, to make me remember times where I had doubts before, and how I got through them (or didn’t).

Paige Z. on clinging onto what works: “Find something — anything — that keeps you from sliding back into the old rut.” She chooses to listen to the LMC Radio Network to keep herself from bad habits. What will YOU use as an anchor to keep yourself from falling back into negative patterns?Continue Reading

On birthdays, cars, and omniscience

Waiting for my car talismans to have a home again...

Waiting for my car talismans to have a home again…

Wednesday, it was my 34th birthday. But I wasn’t feeling very “birthday-ish”, despite all the loving well-wishes via facebook and twitter and text and social media and phone calls.

Why? Because my beloved car, Samus, was totaled in accident at the end of last month. A fluke accident of someone flying through a solid red light and hitting my little clown car in an intersection as I was making a left turn at the green light.

Thankfully, I am fine physically but unfortunately, my little car had to die for me to live. My little car that I loved and doted on. My little car that I somehow unwittingly used to define a portion of my personality. Now that hole is being keenly felt in the search for a new car. I have been comparing it to first love. You never forget your first love, no matter how many years have passed, or how very in love you are presently. I think it will be the same for me and my car. Continue Reading

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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use