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Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 3

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I awoke on Sunday morning, totally bummed out that it was the last day of Readers Studio, but stoked to come back to the Foundation Reading to see just how much I learned. I had decided to skip the breakfast goings-on in favor of sleeping in, as I had a late night the night before chatting with people in the bar! Sunday morning found myself and Courtney scarfing our complimentary breakfast down before briskly booking it to the main ballroom.

I revisited my foundation reading with Beth Palladino and was delighted to find our readings for each other went even deeper than we had imagined.

Then there was a new activity to Readers Studio: Tarot Incubators. There were 6 incubators offered, specifically as brainstorming sessions moderated by people familiar with their particular topic. I chose to take the tarot incubator for publishing, which was being moderated by Barbara Moore. Lots of lively discussion with people thinking of publishing tarot decks or books, with Barbara at the helm keeping the discussion moving forward and along a productive track.

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch and a break was given so that people could check out of the hotel. I took the opportunity to get checked out and throw my bags (and my merch!) into my car, then returned to have lunch with some fine folks: Mike Hernandez, Theresa Reed, Carrie Crotts, Gina Thies, and Courtney Weber.

Lunching with fellow readers!

We returned to the main ballroom after lunch to get a ten-minute preview of the highly anticipated documentary “Tarology” and a Q and A with Enrique Enriquez and the filmmakers. You can’t tell me after seeing this brief clip that you’re not intrigued!

All that was left was the closing ritual and farewells. It was especially hard to say good-bye to Readers Studio this year. After being the new kid on the block last year, it felt really good to be comfortable in my skin, welcomed, recognized, and congratulated. It also brought everything full circle, a fact that certainly wasn’t lost on me. My year-long mentorship with Theresa was over. Another Readers Studio was over. It was time to bring it all home, and bring it back to my clients.

This is a conference I will attend every year. My fellow tarot readers expect my attendance, and I would hate to disappoint. I would absolutely be disappointed in myself if I didn’t attend… this conference is THE place to be for a tarot reader!


11 Responses to Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 3

  1. This is a great rundown, Hilary. And I am so sad that our time has come to an end. But what an eventful year it has been – and so happy to see all of your growth! XXOO

  2. Teresa says:

    Great post, Hilary! Looks like I’ll be seeing if I can make it to Readers Studio next year!

    Hugs and butterflies,

  3. Fascinating! I don’t know much about Tarot, but never guessed there would be actual conferences for people who read them and design/publish decks. What a great way to learn more and build community.

  4. Attending conferences is always uplifting, inspiring and relationship forming. Attending beyond the first time enhances it even deeper! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  5. Amy Zellmer says:

    I so very much enjoy attending my annual conventions and seminars. I have made so many incredible friends and get to travel all over as a result!!

  6. Inga Deksne says:

    I was always fascinated by Tarot Cards, I used to do readings for myself many years ago. Though I didn’t know that there are conferences around this. It makes me want to return to Tarot Cards and explore deeper.
    Thanks for sharing the video and your journey.

  7. Hilary.. I know these feelings well.. the sweetness and the sadness of the endings and beginnings and rites of passage all mixed together. So good to be amongst those who know and support our true gifts.
    Love to you,
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body

  8. Bri Saussy says:

    This looks so awesome-thank you for compiling the useful information, next year I hope to attend!

  9. I miss the Reader’s Studio. I walk away with so much clarity. Even though I had to miss the first day, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had there. Crashing with you was a major part of that!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful event, I’m sure you had a great time together with other tarot readers. Conferences or events like this are really important, especially learning from others who share the same passion as yours. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

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Tarot Beginners