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Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 2

For Part 1 of this series, see here.

In the morning I rose bright and early for the breakfast roundtable with Nancy Antenucci. I may be getting to the point of VIP stalker status with Nancy. As I sipped my coffee (aka lifeblood) I listened to people tell their “tarot stories”—stories that had an impact. Nancy said before she opened up the floor to other people that the stories of “That was a wonderful experience” or “I’ll never do THAT again” were the best kinds of stories to tell, because in them contained lessons. The stories that people shared ran the gamut of reading tarot in Italy with a translator and clients using their one phone call in lockup to call the reader to tell them they were right. Some stories were sad and some caused laughter to spread across the room, but each one of them made me think.

Next was the master class with Shawn Nacol (“The Roots of Tarot: Elemental Readings”). I’ll admit, most of the class my head was swimming. I likened this class to Corrine Kenner‘s “Tarot and Astrology” class from last year’s Readers Studio. Interestingly enough, these types of classes are the type that really stick with me and make me think about them for months after attending. Why? Because they go deep like brain ninjas and switch my thinking like an intellectual katana.

Then it was time for lunch. I was delighted to dine with these lovely ladies.

Lunching with the ladies of Readers Studio

Then we dove right back in to the final master class with James Wanless. James’s “whole person profile reading” was infinitely helpful, and will definitely be used in future with clients and on my own. It also gave everyone at our table a fit of the giggles when we looked at both our individual “bodies” and then the table’s “body” as a whole.

Then it was time to run back up to the room and gussy myself up for the banquet! And boy how, was I glad I did, because lookie who I ended up having drinks with at the cocktail party?

The lovely Debbie Chapnick, the legendary Mary K. Greer, and me... what awesome alternate universe did I step into?

Yes, that really is THE Mary K. Greer, one of my tarot idols. Though I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want anyone to be using a THE in front of her name.

During the banquet I had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to Barbara Moore and took Courtney up on her dare to say to her, “Omigod I’m sitting next to Barbara Moore.” A year ago, I would not have been so glib or open to that kind of haranguing.

During the banquet, the conference attendees were treated to several performances… and yes, I documented it.

Ciro Marchetti presents a gift to the Amberstones in celebration of the Readers Studio's 10 year anniversary!


As Nancy Antenucci danced, she shifted into different depictions of tarot cards.

A singing of a song inspired by The Moon card

Point/Counterpoint about (what else?) tarot!

All that revelry, and you would think that my day was done… but oh no, it’s not so. After the banquet, it was off to my night class with Mike Hernandez on “Professional Presentation Skills 101″… and boy, did I learn A LOT! Mike had great handouts, a warm personality, and basically used the presentation to the class as a running example of how to put your best foot forward and keep control while presenting ANYTHING. I was so glad I chose his class out of the many equally interesting topics that were available for that evening.

Learning from Mike (picture taken by Theresa Reed)

After all this learning, I was getting tuckered out, but still managed to find my way to the hotel bar and had a lovely conversation with Innowen, before I decided it was high-time I put myself to bed. The final day of Readers Studio loomed in the A.M., and I wanted to be well-rested before I said my farewells.

Day 3/Part 3 coming soon!


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