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Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 1

Readers Studio started a little differently for me this year. Last year, my friend Courtney and I were up far too early on the Friday morning to watch the Royal Wedding before heading to the conference, leading us to consume massive amounts of coffee once we arrived in order to stay awake. This year, I drove myself down to the conference from my home about 45 minutes away. I still needed the massive amounts of caffeine, however (some things never change).Continue Reading

Best of Tarot 2011

How do I explain 2011 as a year, besides it being a very tarot-filled year? On March 14th of this year, I officially entered into a contest that changed my life, the Tarot Apprentice, and jumped through four tarot-y hoops of fire to come out in the end the winner. Looking back on the experience, I was glad friends pushed and encouraged me into doing it. I would not have a thriving tarot business without it. Nor a kick-ass website. Nor a fantastic mentor. Nor another year plus worth of studies with Hekademia. But enough gush about 2011…

Continue Reading

Tarot for Vermont!

An unscheduled blog post, for a very important cause!

There is a few more days left for you to help my friend Courtney Weber to help Vermont by buying a reading from her. Please see the details below!


TAROT TO HEAL THE WORLD! Hello, friends! I am contacting you to ask for a few minutes of your time to assist in my latest endeavor. :) As you may know, several areas of Vermont were decimated by Hurricane Irene and many people I know and care about were directly impacted. There is a local grassroots effort going on to get the region back on its feet (the government is doing little at this point) which has asked for contributions. For the month of September, I am donating every dollar I make reading Tarot to this cause!!!

Everyone on this list has a blog, podcast or both! I am hoping you all might be willing to mention the cause on your blog, feeds, or allow me to call into your podcast for a five minute spot. People can purchase readings on the Tarot of the Boroughs website via email, phone or Skype–every single penny goes to the Bethel Relief Fund. The link to the fund is here: The web address

Thank you all for your consideration!!! Just a couple of words will reach a lot of people and a lot of people need help right now.

Many blessings!


Get my monthly newsletter + receive my free e-book!
5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use