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Ask a Tarot Reader: Why didn’t my reading come true?


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Some readings, we’re really into the nitty-gritty, and I’m flinging tarot cards and speaking truth: yes, I would even say I’ve been on fire with my predictions. Predictions (the type that are out of left field, bold of lightning moments) happen occasionally, but truly, that’s not my style of reading normally. I’m much more of a “holding the mirror up” reader than incense wafting and long-buried secrets revealed reader.

Other readings? It’s more like this:


Well, at least it FEELS that way. (and more along the educated guesses rather than using stereotypes to “predict” the future… thanks for feeding into the mythos of the charlatan reader, Dave Chappelle! *annoyed look*)

Thankfully the “Educated Guess Line” feeling doesn’t happen often, because what is there to guess? My job is to read the cards that come up. No guessing necessary. Yes, I’m oversimplifying the complex art of reading tarot, but truly, isn’t that what tarot boils down to? “Read the damn cards,” as my friend and fellow reader Courtney Weber would say.

While it’s a rarity, the question of “Why didn’t my reading come true?” has been asked of me and of my fellow tarot reading colleagues. It’s normally asked as a hypothetical question, or asked of me from someone that went to a different reader than me, but still… it’s asked, and I’m here to give answers. Being asked this question is not the reason that I shy away from the word prediction… it just simply isn’t my reading style, most of the time. There are several reasons why a predictive tarot reading doesn’t pan out. I have listed them here from most likely to least likely. You may be surprised by the answers…

1) Did you REALLY hear your reader say that?

It’s common for people to hear what they want to hear and not what a reader actually said. For those people that profess their reading didn’t come true, I urge them to go back to the recording of their reading to verify whether or not that was said. (It’s part of the reason why I really prefer people to capture an audio recording of their reading with their smartphones or computer, rather than take notes themselves.) Even during the reading, people are taking what is being said and skewing it to fit their best possible scenario (yes, sometimes quite unconsciously).

2) Did you do the work involved to make said outcome happen?

You’d be surprised at how many people think that just the act of getting a tarot reading can change the pattern of their actions alone. Nope, that’s not how tarot works: tarot works when YOU do. Meaning, if your greatest desire is to find a love, and I see someone coming in your future, I usually will not just say that: I’ll tell you what you can do to find the person (aka where to go) and how to recognize that person when they appear in your life. I’ll also tell you where you WON’T find a new romantic interest: in the folds of your couch as you binge-watch Netflix alone while you eat bons-bons. You gotta want the outcome as badly as the tarot wants it for you, and be willing to put in the work to make it so.

3) You mitigated or changed the circumstances, so the future has changed.

Congratulations! I saw a big baddy card in your future, and shit DIDN’T hit the fan. Why? Because you listened and you took the small necessary steps to avoid or mitigate the circumstances surrounding the most likely outcome. If we didn’t have the power to change the future, why would we ever go get a tarot reading in the first place?

4) You had a poor connection between yourself and the reader.

There are many Michael Jordans of the tarot world, but even the best of us has either an off day or are not meant to help you. There is also the matter of not every reader can read for everyone. There are some that downplay the idea that we’re not meant to read for everyone, but it’s absolutely true in certain cases. Something’s off. Not that the client is a bad person or the reader is a bad person. But together, there is no gel. This makes for a less accurate reading.

5) You’re impatient for the outcome.

Timing is tricky in the tarot, but when someone says to me, “This hasn’t happened yet!” It’s a combination between #2 Did you do the work involved to make said outcome happen? AND not giving the needed lead-time for the work you are doing to take effect. If you’re calling me a week later saying your reading hasn’t played out yet… give it a little more time (and do the work).

6) The reader was wrong.

Oh, the frailty of humanity! The truth of the matter is that fallibility goes hand-in-hand with being human, and even an esoteric person like a reader is bound to make mistakes or incorrectly interpret something. I’d be remiss to say it didn’t happen at all. Of course it does.

7) Your reader is a fraud.

No, I don’t want to have to include this in the list of reasons why your reading didn’t come true, and yes, I believe this is the least likely of all the reasons. Unfortunately, every field of business/career has its share of frauds. In the metaphysical/psychic profession, you just hear about it more than normal, therefore people think it’s “the norm.” It really isn’t. Most readers I know are incredibly ethical, hard-working, intuitive people that genuinely want to help. However, I’m not blind to the news stories of scammy-scammers pulling a fast one: they are out there, and they’ll say whatever they have to to walk away with your cash. Learn how to spot them here.

Why didn’t your reading come true? If none of the reasons above are quite fitting the bill for you, here’s my response:


8) I don’t know why.


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