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Visualizing the Perfect Day

While we're visualizing... this is my vision board. What does your vision board look like?

While we’re visualizing… this is my vision board. What does your vision board look like?

TODAY’s challenge (DAY 5): What does your perfect day look like? Top Tip: Get as clear as you can and don’t let anything hold you back from stating every aspect of your day.

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Day 5 of the challenge was yesterday, and Day 6 is today, so I will have not one, but TWO posts for the challenge today! Why? Because yesterday I felt like I was living my perfect day… so I will tell y’all what happened yesterday, and then proceed with today’s challenge of envisioning my perfect day in my tarot world.

Yesterday, I woke up in the morning and went straight to my laptop and cards to do my card of the day for facebook, twitter, and google plus. Keep in mind that this service is absolutely free to clients and prospective clients and also a way of keeping my tarot skills sharp every… single… day. I love to do it, and I try to do it every morning when I wake up and before the day “gets away from me”.

While not included in a “perfect day” scenario, I cleaned out my car. Ideally, I would never have to do this as I would keep up cleaning by not making a mess of my car in the first place… but the reason for cleaning it out WAS a good reason: picking my friends up from the train station and driving us all up to Connecticut for a birthday pool party for my friend!

While poolside, some of my friend’s friends (whom I had just met) were asking me about my tattoo, which led to a conversation about what I do for a living. I was more than happy to talk to them about tarot, tarot decks, what I feel tarot can do for a person, and what tarot is and is not (misconceptions). When I realized I was truly running my mouth off, I hopped in the pool for a dip and let my fingers get pruney.

Yesterday was a great example of what my ideal day would look like on a day off, so for today’s challenge I’m going to focus on what my perfect work day looks like? Still in? Okay, let’s go!

❁ In the morning, I wake up from a restful sleep, after getting to bed at a reasonable hour the night before. I turn over and give my husband (who’s still sleeping) a peck on the forehead before hopping out of bed to fix myself a cup of coffee from our wonderful coffee and espresso maker and write up my card of the day.

After that, I check my emails and return all emails and phone calls and confirm appointments. Then I check out my full schedule of clients for that day and start to lay out a choice of tarot decks to use for those clients based on intuition and client request. My full schedule is nor more than 5 clients with hour-long readings (more if they have shorter appointments), with buffer time in between so that I can reset the cards and myself for the best possible reading for each and every client. I see two clients in the morning in my beautiful office that is attached to my home but with a separate entrance. For lunch, I meet up with my husband for lunch at our favorite sushi restaurant, before returning to either the home office for the rest of my readings, or I will change things up and “make a housecall” to one of my regular clients if they are local and it was previously requested.

At the end of my workday and depending on how I feel, I will do email readings either before or after dinner. If dinner is a heavy one, I prefer to do my readings prior to dinner as food is a grounding mechanism for me. After dinner, I bring my laptop into the living room to do some writing while my husband watches tv.

As bedtime rolls around, we adjourn to the bedroom and I curl up with a good book before falling asleep. ❁


What does your ideal work day look like? What does your ideal “vacation day” or weekend look like? It’s not going to look like mine, or maybe it does. Think about it. Remember what Natalie Sisson says, “If you don’t have a clear vision for what your perfect day looks like (which translates to your business you love and your ideal lifestyle) how on earth can you move one step closer to it?”


Join in the discussion: What does your perfect day look like? Let me know in the Comments section below, or jump into the 30 Day Blog Challenge yourself and leave a link to your post in the Comments section!

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  2. This sounds pretty damn great to me Hilary. Love how specific you’ve gotten too. How is this working out for you?

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