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If Tarot Scares You, Don’t Get a Reading

“YOU READ TAROT, OH THAT’S SO SCARY…. I’M SO SCARED OF THEM I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT THOSE CARDS!” The woman practically was screeching in my ear as she said the words.

Really? THEN DON’T. Don’t look at them. They don’t want to look at you, either.

No, seriously. Don’t even look at this gif. [via GIPHY]

I’ll admit, I may have nearly punched someone that day for being so mean to my beloved tarot, all because of their own stupid small-minded fears. This is a person that within the same breath as tarot talked about ouija boards not working for her and rattled off a celebrity psychic’s name (that I wasn’t familiar with) that does predictions and astrology (and in the same breath implying said celeb psychic was a fraud).

I said, with probably an edge to my voice, that’s not how I read tarot.

Then she asked me if I’m good at lottery numbers, and I said, “that’s not how it works.”

Why was I wasting my breath on this pea-brained woman? I should have smiled or bared my fangs the moment she said that tarot scared her after hearing I was a reader. Or looked as menacing as Melisandre.


I’m vindictive like that. When you talk shit about my livelihood, then you talk shit about me.

You’re not obligated to get a tarot reading. If tarot scares you so much, then DON’T GET A TAROT READING. Don’t touch them, don’t look at them, and avoid the things you fear so much blindly for the rest of your (un)natural life. But know this:

THERE’S NOTHING UNNATURAL ABOUT TAROT. (nor about intuition or ESP for that matter, either: See here for why: Natural Isn’t Supernatural: Why ESP Isn’t Extrasensory)

Tarot is a divinatory device/tool. It is what I use to make sense of my life, and the lives of my clients, so that we all can make more informed choices and decisions, and understand the impact and consequences of those choices.

If it’s too woo for you: DON’T DO IT. No one’s forcing you.


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©2016 Hilary Haggerty | Tarot by Hilary

4 Responses to If Tarot Scares You, Don’t Get a Reading

  1. James Bulls says:

    You’re nicer than I am. I would’ve pretended to have had a demonic visitation and started telling her about how Thanator the Lesser Daemon from the 19th Level of Hell was going to make all her toenails grow in. And if she got hysterical, I’d cross my eyes and start chanting an Enochian key. Incidentally, my wife says that’s the reason that I can’t work for anybody else, lol

  2. Theresa Reed says:

    This is awesome, Hillary! Loving your Aries fire!

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Tarot Beginners