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October Instagram Challenge: #22daysoftarot


#22daysoftarot is a 22 day instagram challenge, starting Oct. 1st, going through the Major Arcana in the real world. #22daysoftarot #tarotbyhilary


[PLEASE NOTE: I started this challenge in 2015 – let’s do it again this October!]

This instagram challenge will help you become familiar with the Major Arcana cards of a tarot deck, and is a combination of two of the most powerful shortcuts to learning tarot I know: a card of the day practice, and viewing the entire world through a tarot lens by finding/taking pictures of those things that remind you of tarot cards.

Card of the Day: Pulling one card a day is THE BEST WAY to familiarize yourself with the tarot AND with seeing how a particular card can apply in the context of your life as it plays out on a daily basis.

What is a card of the day? How is it determined? A card of the day (to me) is the Advice card for the day. A quick little “head’s up” for what might be occurring in your day. How I determine the card of the day: I shuffle the cards and as I’m shuffling, I ask, “What do I need to know for today?” When I think I have shuffled enough, I stop and pull from the top of the deck. Sometimes I’ll fan the cards and pull a card randomly. And other times (rarely) I will flip over the stack of cards to the bottom card of the deck (which is termed the “deep card”). My method of choosing always depends on what my intuition is telling me to do at that moment, but the card of the day is always pulled randomly. Well, as random as tarot (seldom) is.

The “everything is a tarot card” game: This game teaches you to view the entire world as a tarot deck. I stumbled upon this technique as I was on vacation in Orlando, Florida, and each “card of the day” was a picture I took that reminded me of a tarot card.


#22daysoftarot is an idea that simply wouldn’t let go of me. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in a few instagram challenges since I joined, and have always wanted to create my own related to tarot, and incorporating some of my personal best practices in learning tarot. Using the above two practices expedites tarot fluency. Looking at the world through a tarot lens, finding symbolism used in the tarot in real-life places and situations, and above all, doing it every day will skyrocket your tarot learning like nothing else will.

For the first 22 days of October on Instagram, I will be posting the #22daysoftarot hashtag, along with a specific card in the tarot #majorarcana, and a few keywords of the meaning of that card. You then go out into the world, and find a picture (or create one with you in it) that you feel best expresses that card’s energy/message in the world.

Here’s what’s coming for the challenge, ordered by date and card’s hashtag.

Oct. 1st: #TheFool

Oct. 2nd: #TheMagician

Oct. 3rd: #TheHighPriestess

Oct. 4th: #TheEmpress

Oct. 5th: #TheEmperor

Oct. 6th: #TheHierophant

Oct. 7th: #TheLovers

Oct. 8th: #TheChariot

Oct. 9th: #Strength

Oct. 10th: #TheHermit

Oct. 11th: #WheelofFortune

Oct. 12th: #Justice

Oct. 13th: #TheHangedMan

Oct. 14th: #Death

Oct. 15th: #Temperance

Oct. 16th: #TheDevil

Oct. 17th: #TheTower

Oct. 18th: #TheStar

Oct. 19th: #TheMoon

Oct. 20th: #TheSun

Oct. 21st: #Judgment

Oct. 22nd: #TheWorld

Come follow me on instagram, and join the challenge on October 1st (beginning with #TheFool)! I look forward to seeing you there, and helping you along your tarot journey!


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Tarot Beginners