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How I create my channeled messages

Sometimes, my channeled messages are received like this:

Other times, it’s like this:

My husband plays darts on Tuesday nights in our hometown. I walked over there with him so that I could get in my step count (over 10,000 steps that day, so yay!). On the walk home, I was struck with another of what I call “channeled messages”: messages that come to me while I am walking in nature without headphones or anything else to distract me, or doing the dishes, or meditating, or taking a shower, or at the shore looking out to the horizon over ocean waves.

I pulled over and sat down on a bench to create a social media image for it to make sure that I didn’t lose the message. And I didn’t. I sent it out, and it always seems to resonate with people, so I’m going to keep doing it until it doesn’t. It usually seems that the very message I receive and send out is the very message I most needed to hear: as well as everyone else.

Another time I had the flash of a channeled message: Coming home from work late I found out there was no parking because there must’ve been a school event going on. Circle the block for 20 minutes not finding a space at all…only to end up parking across the street from the movie theater in my town. Instead of being elated at the opportunity for more walking (more steps, more chances for channeled messages to come my way), I was annoyed and irritated. No. This sucks. I wanted to go home and put on my pjs and veg out. And now I had to wait out whatever event was going on at the school so that parking opens up? Ugh. Went out to move my car after #TarotRap was over.

Realized in the walk over to my car to move it that I get messages only in silence (well, duh, Hilary). It is very hard to hear in the wisdom within oneself when one has background noise with the TV or music or someway of drowning out the din of the world. Silence must be kept in order to hear those messages. Which turned out to be channeled message in and of itself!

Scroll down to see some of my latest channeled messages…

And now that you know how I receive them, why not share your own in the Comments section below?

⚡️ channeled message today: You don’t fit in because you’re not supposed to.

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A little 🐦 birdie told me you needed to hear this ⚡️ channeled message today: Only YOU get to say who you are.

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🌊 The ocean gave me many messages last night, but this was the one it asked me to share with you.

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⚡️Your channeled message of the day from #tarotbyhilary #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram

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✨I don’t believe in perfect, but I do believe in divine timing. #quotes #tarotbyhilary #tarotreadersofinstagram

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