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What I do at a psychic faire: use all I’ve got

This weekend, I did my first ever psychic faire. I know, I know, you’ve been in the tarot business for how many years, and this was your first psychic faire? Yup, it’s true. My friend Jenna “Queen of Wands” Matlin will be ashamed of me.

My forever-on-my-ass biz mentor Theresa Reed calls psychic faires or parties a “psychic gangbang.” For her, this kind of energy is just not her jam and she doesn’t do ‘em. And that’s cool. To each our own, as the wise ones say.

I THRIVED on this energy. Loved it. Got a little jealous and down in the dumps when I saw tons of people booked for one person while my client seat was empty, but reminded myself that some people there have a following there or local clients. Yes, I compared myself to the other readers there (hey, I’m human), but the butterflies in my stomach (it happens for every new client, like the energy of a first date) disappeared once the client’s butt was in my chair and the cards were shuffled. And once one person took a chance on an unknown kid (comment below if you get that reference), I didn’t have a break until it was closing time. Sweet!

This experience has given rise to a new way of working for me.

Yes, I’m mainly a tarot reader: hello, my biz is called Tarot by Hilary, right?

But in the sessions that I had on Saturday with people, I threw everything I had into their problems, their questions, their situations. My skill arsenal was in full force. I brought out the big guns: tarot, if tarot didn’t work, Lenormand, if Lenormand didn’t work, oracle cards.

It was actually the order of divination work I had on my sign that day:

Tarot • Lenormand • Oracle

And that’s exactly how I worked that day. Tarot first. Any lingering questions? Lenormand. And finishing every reading with a #truthbomb card for them to take home to remember their reading.

I really enjoyed this approach: I call it the “I will use all I got to throw at your problems and questions and see what sticks, what resonates” approach (I’ll think of a shortened name in the future, I’m sure).

Want to see how it works for you? Book a reading with me and let’s find out, together!

Interested in seeing what the psychic faire looked like? I did a super-quick Facebook Live video in between my readings!

Psychic Faire!

Posted by Hilary Parry Haggerty Tarot Reader on Saturday, September 9, 2017


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DISCUSS: Have you ever read at a psychic faire, or been read for at a psychic faire or festival? What was it like? Let’s talk about it in the Comments section below.

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2 Responses to What I do at a psychic faire: use all I’ve got

  1. Anna R. says:

    I had my first mini faire in May and I was super nervous because I don’t have a following yet. The first couple of guests chose other readers and I got a smidge bummed because I started to question my energy. But then I collected myself really quick and put myself back into the space I felt good in, which is I am here based on the appt book the Universe has for me, not a numbers game (who gets the most guests). And then it happened…1 guest, then 3, until I finally had a chance to look at the time and the day was over!! I am so grateful for that experience. I have my second faire on September 30th and this one is a full on faire. I can’t wait!!

    • Hilary says:

      This is awesome, Anna! What a great way to change up the energy (boo-hoo, no one’s picking me to the Universe put me here).

      Good luck on September 30th! I’m sure you’ll do FANTASTIC!

      Thanks for reading!

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Tarot Beginners