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When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Get a Tarot Reading

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I was appalled when I was talking to some fellow tarot readers the other day about nightmare-ish scenarios with some less-than-ideal clients. Some scenarios they were throwing out there seemed unfathomable to me.

For example, if you had a potentially violent ex-boyfriend trying to bang down your door, would you:
a) Call the police
b) Run into the room furthest away from the front door and cry
c) Scream back and further exacerbate the problem
d) Call a tarot reader

If any of you answer with any choice other than A, please please PLEASE do not call me (or any other tarot reader, for that matter) for a tarot reading!

I often like to say that there is no such thing as a tarot emergency. However, there IS such a thing as a real emergency. So, if you have a potentially dangerous situation going on, PLEASE don’t call a reader… because you’re just wasting valuable time which could be the difference between life or death only to get the same response from the reader as the one I’m giving you now: CALL THE POLICE!

Same can be said for health problems. Is your right arm numb or tingly and you’re worried you’re having a heart attack? Guess what? CALL 911, and get an ambulance up in that bitch.
Why am I feeling the need to reiterate something that seems so basic? Because god forbid something happens. I don’t want to encourage people to not use their noodle when it comes to common sense things. There’s nothing that drives me more nuts than people with over-average intelligence and no basic reasoning skills. NOTHING!

When You SHOULD Get a Tarot Reading

  • on the precipice or faced with a life decision and still having a hard time deciding, even after weighing pros and cons
  • when you are too close to a situation to be objective
  • as an empowering exercise when you feel stuck in a rut

When You SHOULDN’T Get a Tarot Reading

  • a life or death situation (go to the emergency room or call the cops!)
  • When you’re drunk. Go sober up. Memories while drinking are foggy at best and completely nonexistent at worst. This also goes for the reader, too… if you suspect your reader is a bit tipsy, walk away.
  • when in panic mode (see this post for why: What LUSH Taught Me…)

Seriously. Don’t become a statistic just because you didn’t hear it from a tarot card. The purpose of tarot is NOT to make your decisions for you; it’s to better INFORM your decisions. Think of it as the special sauce on your hamburger. It is not a necessity, but it sure makes the burger taste better/go down better. Tarot is not meant to take away your free will, nor is it meant to be the fall guy when you fuck up.

Here’s to empowered choices and common sense,

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Have you ever had a tarot reading when you probably shouldn’t have? How about not having one when you probably should have? Feel free to Comment below!

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