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Tarot Reading Aftercare (from both sides of the table)


After I do a reading for someone, I sometimes give specific instructions to them about self-care after the reading (sometimes during a reading, especially if the card of the “wounded healer”, the 9 of Wands, comes up). Most of the things that I recommend I also do for myself after a reading to let the Universe know “hey, we’re done here” and to let my body and mind know as well.

The next time you get your cards, tea leaves, or palm read (or read them for yourself), make sure to take care of yourself afterward, and use the following list as a helpful reminder.

A Tarot Reading Aftercare Checklist

☑ Get the clerical stuff out of the way: Make sure the reading recorded or that your notes make sense BEFORE you proceed with the following “closing” ritual and aftercare steps. Don’t usually take notes or record your readings? Make it a habit to start doing so, so that in the future you can track any patterns in your readings. Without documentation, you won’t be able to see those patterns clearly, or see your progress through a bumpy path (or how you got through it the next time the life road gets rocky!).

☑ I recommend a client drink a lot of water (at least one full glass) and eat something even if it’s a light snack. Eating and drinking helps us to ground ourselves back in our bodies after the heady time spent in the in-between of a reading space. This helps to ground and center after a reading. Water is also something I list as a “must have” while I’m doing readings, especially if I’m doing them back to back. It is the universal conduit, and a majority of our body makeup IS water… is it any wonder that it is the BEST way to ground a human being?

☑ I recommend exercise as well. After a tarot reading, some people feel a bit spacey: exercise helps to remind the person that they have a physical body. This doesn’t have to be a rigorous, full-on sweat inducing workout. Five minutes of gentle yoga poses and stretching after a reading is most beneficial.

☑ This is a biggie that most people will want to skip over, putting it in the category of “surely she doesn’t mean ME”: shelve the reading. Yes, really! Don’t worry; you’re not storing it permanently away where it will never see the light of day again. While most people are very gung-ho about a reading, I strongly advise that people not listen to the recording of the reading or look at their notes from a reading for at least 24 to 48 hours after the reading. This helps a client gain perspective and look at their reading more objectively. During the reading, more than just thoughts come to the surface: deep-seated emotions, and sometimes even emotions you didn’t know you had about a situation can come to light. Getting a tarot reading is not just a cerebral experience, but an emotional one too. Shelving the reading allows these emotions to cool, so that when you look at your notes or listen to your recording again, you are not clouded by the emotional experience as much… and you will be able to hear what was actually said during your reading instead of what you THOUGHT I said!

☑ Finally, a client must do the work. Yes, I am a reader that assigns homework (and by homework, I mean “lifework”)! What is a tarot reading for but to gain actionable steps and bring clarity to the situation?


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Join in the discussion: How do you complete a reading? Is your checklist similar to mine, or different… and how? Leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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  1. Beth says:

    This is such a great post Hilary – I don’t have a specific set of recommendations to make to my clients after readings (which generally happen online) but I’m going to incorporate these into my practice.

    Thanks for sharing xxxxxx

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