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Tarot Blog Hop: Lammas and the Queen of Pentacles





The topic for this round of the TarotBlogHop is “How Do You Channel Your Inner Queen Of Pentacles?” For more information about the TarotBlogHop, see Donnaleigh’s great explanation at

Lammas and the Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles has seemed like the queen I connected with the least in the tarot. I’m very much a Queen of Swords woman, cutting through the bullshit to get to the truth of the matter. If I had to rank them, I would order them in similarity to me as:

  1. Queen of Swords
  2. Queen of Wands
  3. Queen of Cups
  4. Queen of Pentacles

However, my outward appearance or how people see me is definitely more Queen of Pentacles/Queen of Wands more than anyone else.

At the time of the first harvest of Lammas/Lughnasadh, however, I’m just as focused on cutting away that which no longer serves (a Queen of Swords action) as well as gathering up the lessons learned in the past year (Queen of Pentacles). And isn’t that what the harvest is all about? Cutting and pruning away so that more can be harvested in the long run, and not less?

I have seen the Queen of Pentacles in her different facets during readings with clients. In one reading, she was an overbearing mother, unsatisfied with all of her daughter’s life choices. In another, a stable presence, an assurance that a maternal figure would always support the client. These are good examples of why no tarot card truly is all positive or all negative… they are completely contextual.

How Does One Channel Their Inner Queen of Pentacles?

I have always found that cleaning, doing yoga, exercise, and meditation have been Queen of Pentacles activities. Why? When I see the Queen of Pentacles, I think of the suit that rules this Queen and its elemental association: earth. Anything activity that puts you firmly back into your body is a Queen of Pentacles action.

I encourage you today in the spirit of Lughnasadh to take a moment to look at the Queen of Pentacles card and its symbolism (if you don’t have a tarot deck, do an image search online and take a look at how different artists interpreted this card). How can you take what you are seeing and incorporate it into your life? Maybe you will get a different take than mine on the Queen of Pentacles (focusing on her money aspect, for example, and realizing you need to balance your checkbook and be more in control of your finances!). Maybe you will realize that your new health regime needs to start today rather than waiting for next year’s New Years Eve resolution.

Whatever your takeaway is from the Queen of Pentacles and her relation to Lughnasadh, have a blessed and fruitful harvest season. Excuse me while I go do a few yoga poses….




Yoga Photograph: Image courtesy of Andy Newson /

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9 Responses to Tarot Blog Hop: Lammas and the Queen of Pentacles

  1. Arwen says:

    Lovely, Hilary. Yoga is something I plan to add to my routine. 😀

  2. Ohh… Yoga!! One day, I’ll get around to scheduling that in! But think I’d better concentrate on getting better first 🙂

  3. Karen Sealey says:

    Nice post… Yoga helped me to hold myself and my family together through one of the most traumatic periods of my life 🙂

  4. Lovely ideas…will be doing some yoga, and planning some exercise. Blessed Lughnassadh!

  5. Chloe says:

    Your post made me realise that I always think of yoga as a Page of Pentacles activity – trying to bring beginner’s mind to every moment of the practice. Yet you’re quite right: as a mature woman, doing things to bring myself into the body, and being practical, can be counted as Queen of Pents activities. I’ll pat myself on the back for having done a cardio and weights workout today, then 😉

  6. Olivia says:

    Gah! Yoga is really one of those wonderful practices that I always tell myself I should do, but always find a convenient excuse not to…. Maybe it’s time to actually give it a go!

  7. alisoncross says:

    Love yoga! I have been doing a wee bit of yoga on my ipad. Well, on the carpet but USING the ipad app 😀

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  9. Hilary, very nice reminder that QofP can be more than just the traditional wife/estate manager, that her connection with Earth and the body means that spiritual/physical disciplines like yoga would indeed fit her as well. I have this vision now of a QofP dressed in gold and green yoga clothes doing yoga poses outdoors…:)

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