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Tarot Beginners

Does this tarot reader still “got it”?

The hostess took me by the hand and dragged me into the living room full of nicely dressed strangers.

“Can I have everyone’s attention? I’d like to introduce somebody. This is Hilary, and she’s here to do something special.” She looked at me expectantly, and I realized that was when it was time to give my normal spiel. Apparently, having a tarot reader there to do readings was a surprise to the guests!


I smiled at the quizzical onlookers and said, “Hello, everyone! I’m Hilary, and I’ve been reading the tarot since sixteen years old, eleven years professionally. Don’t worry I don’t bite … hard. And I’m not going to tell you anything that you don’t already know on some level. If you’d like a reading please come and see me… And if you don’t want a reading, that’s fine too– no one’s going to force you. You can come up one at a time or if you’d like to get your reading done with a friend so you can hear each other’s readings, that’s fine too.”

I led the first two “victims” up the stairs to the room where my reading table was set up, and as I began my work, the tension and butterflies I feel whenever I read for new people began to ease. We laughed, friends poked fun at each other when the cards politely (and not so politely) disagreed with them, and the two hours I was booked for flew by.

It had been a long time since I’ve done tarot readings at a party… not since October, when I do readings at an Annual Halloween party for my cousin-in-law (hey, there are perks to having a tarot reader marry into the family, amiright?).

The normal time frame for booking events is roughly a month in advance… The party I was booked for this past weekend I had locked into my schedule back in December: a full two months ahead. When I got sick at the beginning of the year, one of my first thoughts was about the party I had booked… But then I consoled myself with the thought of hey, no problem… I’ll be better long before then. And the cold that normally takes a day or two to get over extended into a month and a half.

Ahhahhhahahahahhhaha… what a sense of humor the Universe has!


Was I “better” by the time of the party? If you count having weird residual ear problems and not one, but TWO, trips to the ENT and a hearing test, as being “better.” This little bizarre cold from hell weirdness had me questioning everything, including whether or not I still “had it” as a tarot reader. Would I be able to perform readings? Would I be able to do my job, or would I end up disappointing someone? These types of questions run through my head frequently. Because though I can take myself lightly, I rarely take my clients or their expectations of me lightly.

The question on the table was this: Does she still “got it” when it comes to tarot? Yup, I do, but it took some crazy soul-searching and an event that had been booked two months out for me to see it for myself.

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© Hilary Parry Haggerty | Tarot by Hilary

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Tarot Beginners