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Shopping List for Readers Studio 2017

The last time I attended a tarot conference was in 2015: Readers Studio. Last year, I took a year off from tarot conferences in order to save up for big life events, like my wedding (my husband and I paid for most of it ourselves) and our honeymoon (a year delayed, so it was more like our first anniversary/honeymoon).

But this year? I make my triumphant return to Readers Studio next week, and I have some shopping to do!



  • Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova: I met Melissa of Little Fox Tarot at Theresa Reed’s awesome Soulful Proprietor Retreat in 2014. After exchanging tarot readings, giggles, and swapping insults of “yer face”, “yer mom’s face” [very professional, I know] within only a weekend of meeting each other… well, I know that her book is going to be absolute treasure full of the straight-shooting tarot advice I have come to expect from her. Enter her world at
  • Tarot for One: The Art of Reading for Yourself by Courtney Weber: Ok, ok, I already have this one… but I have to get it signed. I mean, it’s what you do when you share a hotel room with the author! This is a MUST read for people: and my work is featured in Chapter 7—Other Tools: What’s Missing from Your Tarot Reading? about what the absence of cards/suits mean in a reading! (so now you really have to pick this one up!)



  • Spirit Communication Casting Kit by Carrie Paris – debuting at Readers Studio!

So yes, I have my shopping list, but I still am leaving room for the unexpected and surprising, like what happened to me in RS 2015 when I found the Fountain Tarot out of nowhere and proceeded to stalk their booth mercilessly hoping for a deck: More about my tarot stalking and review of the Fountain Tarot here:

Readers Studio has been one of the best tarot conferences I’ve ever been to, and the reason I keep coming back year after year (last year being the exception to the rule). For a compilation of all of my writing about Readers Studio, click here. If you’re attending Readers Studio this year, please come find me and introduce yourself: I’d love to meet you!

Is there anything you’d like me to look out for? A book that you want me to read and review? A deck that you want me to test drive? Let me know by commenting below!


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