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Deck Review: The Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Deck: Crystal Unicorn Tarot

Created by: Pamela Chen, illustrated by Lisa Higuchi

Date of Publication: February 2017 (now available for pre-order)

Published by: Self-Published; Luna Prosperity

Please note that this deck was purchased wholesale in exchange for a review.

This cutesy deck is a deck I never expected I would not only lust after but consider a powerful deck, combining the magic of crystals and the nature of tarot. Unicorns replace the human figures of this tarot deck, but most of the standard symbology of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck remains in place for the Crystal Unicorn Tarot. An additional helpful feature is the inclusion of corresponding crystals in every Major Arcana card and a specific type of crystal for each of the 4 suits of the Minor Arcana.

Every month I use a different tarot deck in my collection to pull my Card of the Day, which appears in shortened form on my twitter feed, and extended interpretations on my official facebook page, Instagram, & Google+ page. The month of December 2017 was dedicated to this deck, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite its specificity of theme and its pastel coloring, this is still a completely valid tarot deck to use for readings. This theme is not just a gimmick to get you to buy it as a collector if you happen to love either unicorns or tarot separately. I mean, if you already love both crystals and cutesy unicorns, you’re going to want this deck… but I have found that most “collector” type of tarot decks, such as the Baseball Tarot for a sports fan, wind up collecting dust in a drawer rather than being used for the purpose of tarot. This is not the case for the Crystal Unicorn Tarot. You CAN of course purchase this deck for its collectability, but I would urge you to look again: this is a very functional and beautiful tarot deck.

The companion book that accompanies the deck is a slim volume, but don’t be fooled by its brevity: it includes keywords for both upright and reversed meanings, sample spreads, and crystal correspondences.

The card stock is smooth and I find this deck extremely easy to shuffle in my regular way (which is overhand). If you are starting to work with the deck and want to do a messy pile to really “randomize” the cards then gather them up in your hands, that would be ideal (see below).


As this was my deck for card of the day pulls, I combined Danielle LaPorte’s truth bomb deck with the tarot, to layer additional meaning and understanding to each card pull. Below is the combination for the Magician card combined with a truth bomb card. This tarot deck works well as a stand-alone or combined with a different divinatory or oracular system. The Magician card’s crystal correspondence is quartz, which makes sense to the “jack of all trades” and flexibility of the Magician card: I consider the Magician to be able to do anything, and I see quartz as an “all-purpose” crystal as well: a perfect correspondence! This deck really reminded me of “My Little Pony”, in a good way, with the crystals making their appearance in the tarot card’s image somewhere… usually on the unicorn’s hind! (hence the My Little Pony memory jog)

This deck now is available for pre-orders, so if you are feeling called by the Crystal Unicorns, I suggest you hop on their pre-order list here.


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