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Tarot Beginners

7 Signs That You’re Already a Fantastic Tarot Reader


1) Humans are natural storytellers. And what is tarot but telling the story that is on a bunch of cards?

2) You’ve already chosen your tarot deck… or your deck has chosen you.

3) You understand that not everything is fated or destiny: that an empowered person uses the tarot to guide, not dictate. Who likes to be ordered around? Pretty much nobody with half a brain, so why would you let a bunch of inanimate cards order you around? You wouldn’t. Take any tarot reading just like any type of advice: with a grain of salt and full acknowledgment and responsibility of your choices and decisions.

4) You are naturally intuitive. Because you are. If you’re already getting messages without the cards, when you’re getting messages WITH the cards they are a focal point, and your intuition and the messages you are getting get even more clear. This isn’t a disembodied voice that you’re listening to any more…. the tarot usually backs up those disembodied voices that sound eerily like your own voice (if you pay attention, you can start to differentiate the voice of your thoughts, your inner critic, and your intuition). And because the voice of your intuition sounds so close to your own… you’re not sure if you can trust in it. The tarot is your physical backup, and it’s hard to not take the pictures staring up at you at face value.

5) Divination tools seem to “fall in your lap” or be given to you. You hear “This looks like something you would like.” from your friends as they hand you a deck. Your friends are smart, aren’t they? Maybe their intuition is telling them to give YOU the tarot… and you don’t want to argue with intuition (your or others) because…

6) You’ve been godsmacked for not listening to your intuition before. Do you ever want to experience that again? You knew what to do in that situation, but deemed it either scary, crazy, irrational, or whatever… and almost immediately come to regret not listening.

7) You are an excellent judge of character or have a knack for sensing environment: when there’s been a fight or when there’s about to be one. My husband likes to say that he is without intuition, but there is one thing I know that has been said about him numerous times: he always seems to leave a place within a half hour before something unsavory happens, like a fight or a bad situation. If that’s not intuition, I don’t know what is.

So, you now already know that you’re good at tarot. Want to work with me and prove it to yourself? Tarot tutoring is available, along with regular readings. You’ve already got the basics. I know you do, because I’m psychic. And so are you.


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Tarot Beginners