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Blog Challenge Day 6: Tarot Tribes and Business Besties

Tarot thugs represent! Me and Theresa Reed, sitting pretty at the banquet dinner of Readers Studio (and clearly up to no good)!

Tarot thugs represent! Me and Theresa Reed, sitting pretty at the banquet dinner of Readers Studio (and clearly up to no good)!


Day 6 Challenge: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.

Funny story about how I wrote on a similar topic in my newsletter this morning! If you’re not on the newsletter list already, please get on it: there’s things there that I don’t post anywhere else!

I already have my tarot tribe, and I write about them and promote their work frequently.

However, 2 years ago I expanded that tribe a bit, when I attended Theresa Reed’s Soulful Proprietor Retreat. Since then, I have had another little community of co-conspirators, dreaming and wishing and making big biz plans for themselves, and ra-ra-rahing on others as they go out there and git ‘er done.

I call these types of people “business besties.”

But you don’t have to be a witch or casting circles… you could simply be out having cocktails with a friend and telling them your goals (and them telling you theirs), and that is the magic of a business bestie, too. And you could be a 9–5’er, working for “the man”, or you could have your own business: business besties can apply to any career, anywhere!

Let’s face it: we all need support, help, and encouragement in our lives, especially work. Someone that can be a sounding board, not to bitch with, but to raise us up and keep us going… and you can do the same for them.

So thank you to the business besties in my life, and those ladies from Soulful Proprietor (most especially Theresa Reed, you know how I feel about you!) whose wishes for me and my business kept me going, even during the times where I thought I couldn’t… and I hope that I provided you just as much support!


P.S.—Want to jam with my business besties in a super-fun, mystical slumber party setting? Join us on Wednesday, September 28th for a very special episode of Talking Shop! Get all the deets here.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6.

I’m doing the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge from Natalie Sisson! Want to join me? It’s going on until September 19th, so hop right in, the water’s fine!

Beltane Blessings, Readers Studio Round-Up, and Tarot and Talismans


Instead of doing a Readers Studio roundup which I normally would be doing at this time of year, I will have to do a Beltane round-up/rundown instead and talk a little bit about the class I taught over Readers Studio weekend (thought not AT Readers Studio): “Tarot and Talismans.” The Readers Studio roundup of links is at the bottom of the post, so if you’d like to skip and go straight to that particular bit of goodness, go ahead! No offense taken!

It’s been a busy few weeks! A few weekends ago, I attended a beer festival with my husband for the first time. This is something he has been attending every year for the past six years. I have not, because the Readers Studio tarot conference usually falls on the same weekend. So, he runs off and samples beers for a weekend, and I run off to see my tarot peeps, play with new decks, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the tarot world.

It all works out. Usually.

He’s been saying for a couple of years now that I should attend his beer festival one year with him. With this being our first year married, I decided that this year would be the year, and I chose to go with him for the beer festival over Readers Studio… only to find out that they were NOT on the same weekend, for once.

A relatively accurate depiction of how my husband had been describing the beer festival, via GIPHY

By then, my decision had already been made… and I had Beltane weekend free (because I hadn’t realized that Readers Studio fell on Beltane weekend).

This time last year, I had taught Using Tarot for Spell-Work at the Beltane festival, so I approached the organizers and asked if they wanted me to teach again this year. They said yes!

“What should I teach?” I asked.

“Tarot and magick!” they said.

Ummmm… ok. It was time to create a new class, specially for Beltane, that combined two of my loves: tarot and magick. But what to teach?

I thought about it for a few days, mulling over class proposal after class proposal, searching for inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Then, the inspiration came to me as I looked down at my own arm.

… where my High Priestess tarot card tattoo sits, always looking up at me, chastising me frequently and guiding me often.

What was it about the High Priestess card that made her the High Priestess? What were the symbols on her that I absolutely needed to make that card her and mine?

And then it hit me. The pomegranate. The symbols. Often, when I am having trouble interpreting a tarot card with regard to a client’s situation, I soften my gaze and look at the symbols on the card to guide me to the most correct interpretation for their situation.

We can take those symbols, that are already imbued with that tarot card’s energy, and we can turn those symbols into talismans.

This is how “Tarot and Talismans” was born. I excitedly sent off my class proposal to Bernadette of Brid’s Closet, and we were off and running!Continue Reading

Reality Check – What It’s Really Like Working as a Part Time Tarot Reader

part time biz

Theresa Reed and I are doing a joint venture on our blogs where we give a little peek on the truth of what it means to do this work – full time or part time. Be sure to read Theresa’s take on Reality Check: What it’s really like working as a full time tarot reader.


There was a time when I hid the fact that I had a full time job (other than tarot reading) from my clients. I thought it was shameful and somehow unprofessional that I wasn’t doing tarot full time; that I was less of a reader for it.

Then, it would somehow come up in conversation that they or someone they knew was looking for an editor, and I would say, “Oh, I do that!” … and consequentially have to explain that tarot was not the main squeeze I had purported it to be originally.

Let’s just say it’s easier to be honest up-front about my part time status rather than do an awkward backtracking.

Here’s a dirty little secret for you that I’m bringing to light, right here and now: I am in fact the norm amongst tarot readers. Most tarot readers are NOT full time. Those that are are the rare exception.Continue Reading

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