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Online Biz Courses: What To Look For

books and mouseQuestions from my apprentice Amelia have resulted in answers from me that were too good to not share via a blog post! She asked some really great questions about online business courses and how to know when you are choosing the right one for you.

I have taken quite a few online business courses: some are fantastic, and some I just couldn’t muster up the energy to have both my full time day job and my tarot business AND devote my time to doing the coursework required to really benefit from those classes.

When I did Marie Forleo’s RHH B-School, that was a CRAZY leap of faith that I would make that money back, and it was the biggest chunk of change I’ve ever spent on a business course. I literally had a “fuck it” moment and made the purchase. I WOULDN’T recommend making that big of a decision in that mindset, but I am glad I did.Continue Reading

Sunrise, Sunset: The *NEW* Tarot Apprentice Begins…

MY new tarot apprentice? That's right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

MY new tarot apprentice? That’s right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

Oh yes. Ho hum. Things have been going on in the backgrounds of the Tarot Lady and Tarot by Hilary hubs to bring you this dual announcement today: Paige Zaferiou is Theresa Reed’s new Tarot Apprentice…. and Amelia Quint of the is MINE! (What? Who? When? Huh?)

When Theresa approached me with the question of “Are you ready?” for the mentor role, I took it as a sign that I was (is/am). If I waited for the feeling of “readiness” to appear before I approached doing something new, I probably would never do anything! It is an outstanding testament to the bumper crop of tarot apprentice hopefuls… and a sign that we all are MORE than ready to take ourselves to the next level!Continue Reading

Best of Tarot 2011

How do I explain 2011 as a year, besides it being a very tarot-filled year? On March 14th of this year, I officially entered into a contest that changed my life, the Tarot Apprentice, and jumped through four tarot-y hoops of fire to come out in the end the winner. Looking back on the experience, I was glad friends pushed and encouraged me into doing it. I would not have a thriving tarot business without it. Nor a kick-ass website. Nor a fantastic mentor. Nor another year plus worth of studies with Hekademia. But enough gush about 2011…

Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners