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Readers Studio 2013 Rundown—Part 2


For Part 1, click here.

Friday morning was the official start of Readers Studio, and though I technically “slept in”, I still made it downstairs to the hotel restaurant with plenty of time for breakfast, conversation, and watching more tarot peeps roll in before the Opening Session started at 11am. Since I had already checked in the day before at the Tarot and Psychology conference, this allowed me more time to hang around, mingle, and check out the merch booths that were glistening with tarot goodies. Continue Reading

Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 2

For Part 1 of this series, see here.

In the morning I rose bright and early for the breakfast roundtable with Nancy Antenucci. I may be getting to the point of VIP stalker status with Nancy. As I sipped my coffee (aka lifeblood) I listened to people tell their “tarot stories”—stories that had an impact. Nancy said before she opened up the floor to other people that the stories of “That was a wonderful experience” or “I’ll never do THAT again” were the best kinds of stories to tell, because in them contained lessons. The stories that people shared ran the gamut of reading tarot in Italy with a translator and clients using their one phone call in lockup to call the reader to tell them they were right. Some stories were sad and some caused laughter to spread across the room, but each one of them made me think.Continue Reading

7 Questions with… Nancy Antenucci

I am very excited to announce the first in a new series in blog posts…. the “7 Questions” series! I will be posing 7 questions to people within the tarot community; whether they are bloggers, authors, deck creators, or fellow readers (or sometimes, all of the above!). Let’s kick this baby off right!

My first interview is with the coauthor of Psychic Tarot, Nancy Antenucci. Now, I’ll admit, I was intrigued by the prospect of reading her book, but also taken aback by the title. The title itself is a bold assertion. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to read it. Then at SF BATS, I saw Nancy and her mini-troupe perform a vignette about what a psychic tarot reading looks like. It was enjoyable, with Nancy cast as the little psychic voice that the reader listened to and relayed to the querent. Nancy held up signs, and there was one sign about moss that struck me: If I’m remembering correctly, it was “the smell of moss”. This little tidbit of information made me scratch that itch to buy Psychic Tarot immediately after the performance. Clearly, this is a woman who gets it.

I devoured Psychic Tarot. There is simply no other way to put it. Its slender spine is deceiving… this book is chock full of information and exercises! But without further delay, here is a bit of information about Nancy and her interview.Continue Reading

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