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Thoughts on pleasure: a brief interlude from talking about tarot

Touché, Desire Map Planner. Touché.

Touché, Desire Map Planner. Touché.


When was the last time you did something for the pleasure of it, and what was it?

Seriously. Think about it. Write it down, if you’d like. I’ll wait right here while you do….

Have you thought about it? Filter through all those obligations you’ve been making time for. These are the things that have been filling up your time, so much so that you haven’t taken the time for pleasure. Maybe it’s a sign to start timing obligations (like paying bills, or working, or cleaning, or doing the damn laundry) so that you free up the time for pleasure. Because yeah, we all have things that we HAVE to do. But those things are not the things that we are truly living FOR.

Why pleasure? Why now? Because now is really all we have. I was reading something that said that there is no end to your to-do list. There is no day in which you will check off that last box and say, “I’m done.” Nope. It ain’t going to happen, because that to-do list is ever expanding. And, spoiler alert, we will come to the day we die (and we will) and probably still have things left on our to-do list *gasp* undone.

So why not use some of your precious time today to do something that you enjoy, that gives you pleasure, that gives OTHERS pleasure? Is it art? Painting, photography, writing, drawing, dance? We are all creative creatures: to create is to be divinely and gloriously human. See Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic for many examples of divine human creativity at work.

So why I am writing today about something other than tarot in my tarot blog? I realized I was making my writing life miserable because I was applying SHOULDS to it.

The SHOULDS that were stopping me (the main ones, at least):

  • This should go into a blog post.
  • This should make a great e-book or opt-in for my website, fodder for my newsletter…
  • I should capture my writing and schedule them in the Buffer app.

Lost in all the shoulds, I lost the joy of simply writing for myself, something that I would spend hours doing without once looking up at the clock once upon a time. Before I became sad for myself, or disappointed in the time I lost ruminating my shoulds, I decided something: I decided I would start writing again, a little bit each day, with no conditions or goals associated with the act of writing.

It was a small change, but this change in attitude has lifted me, made me feel expansive and creative, and most of all: it’s brought the joy back to the act of writing again.

And now? Now I can’t shut up.

Start doing that pleasure-filled thing again, until it feels delicious and decadent again. You deserve pleasure. You deserve to find it.



So go get it.


Have any passion projects or pleasures that you’re willing to reconnect with and share? Feel free to discuss them in the Comments section below!

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