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Readers Studio 2015: Day 3

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

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Sunday morning was the final day of Readers Studio 2015. Every year on the Sunday, I always marvel at how fast the time flew by. I awoke that morning with a slight headache and wanting to sleep in again… but not wanting to miss out on anything either! I was able to slip into the end of the Breakfast Roundtable and was ready to meet back up with Shavonne to revisit our foundation reading we did Friday morning.

Truly, before Shavonne and I sat back down to revisit the foundation reading, I was feeling at a loss as to how we could possibly get any more out of our original reading and said as much to her. Nevertheless, we pulled out our notes and spread out the original cards from our foundation reading and got to work. Of course, we found we had a LOT more to add to our readings after the classes with Ellen, Theresa, and Carrie! We looked at the elements associated with the suits that showed up in the readings (Ellen’s class), practiced deep breaths and soft gaze (Theresa’s class), and asked the important question that we hadn’t asked before… was this really a question coming from us, or from ancestral/family input? (Carrie’s class) With fresh awe and appreciation of the teaching given over the weekend, we closed out our foundation readings strongly before breaking off into the Tarot Incubators.

There was a choice of ten different Tarot Incubators, on topics ranging from “Anatomy of Crowdfunding a Deck” to “Reading at Large Gatherings” to “Cross-Cultural Tarot”. It was so hard to choose, but I decided to attend Andrew McGregor’s (of The Hermit’s Lamp) “Knowledge, Creativity, and Appropriation”. This discussion was all about different divinatory methods specific to different cultures, and talking about cultural appropriation with respect and intelligence. I was delighted to continue some of the conversation with Andrew later during lunch, and even when opinions differed, Andrew has a calm, respectful, and authoritative tone… simply put: he knows his shit. This incubator session made me seriously question using divinatory methods of other cultures: and hesitate before adopting them if I am coming at them from a “gimme gimme” attitude instead of one of reverence and healthy curiosity.

After the incubator sessions, it was time for lunch and an opportunity for those leaving on Sunday night to check out of the hotel (I was staying into the Monday to extend the Readers Studio experience and not miss a moment!). All too quickly, the certificates of advanced tarot study (my 5th one!) were handed out, and Readers Studio 2015 was at an end.

Some final photos to round out the RS15 experience:  

“Over the moon” for tarot conferences!

Julie and me, sitting pretty on the moon. Not sure why I was making that weird face…

Carrie Paris making the rounds at Sunday night’s final dinner of RS15

Me and Julie during Sunday night’s dinner


Where does the time go? It seems that all tarot conferences pass too quickly. This year’s Readers Studio was the best one to date, and it happens every year due to the wonderful folks at The Tarot School and Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone. They are the magical tarot fairies of this community, and we all are grateful for their contributions.

This year, I was particularly struck at the synchronicities that radiated through the 3 Master Classes… and that thread didn’t stop there. It worked its way in to every interaction and experience during the conference. From a newsletter subscriber coming up to me right as I arrived at the conference who had found out about Readers Studio through me (Hi Cristina!) to the lovely Mellissae Lucia sneaking up behind me to peck me on the cheek (I put my editor cap on for her Oracle of Initiation pdf companion book) to reuniting with Jen Cintrón and Connie Kick after meeting them at the Soulful Proprietor Retreat in October… each moment sparkled with recognition and resonance. Every year, I come “home” to Readers Studio… you can quote me on that!

Next year’s Master Class Presenters are Sasha GrahamBarbara Moore, and Heatherleigh Navarre! You can be sure I’ll be there!


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