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How to Host Your Own “Be a Psychic” Party



I walked up to the lobby counter of the country club and asked, “I’m here for the party… where is the room?” They smiled and gestured to the room on the right, where music and laughter was coming from. “Follow the fun sounds?” I asked as I smiled and went.

I walked into the party room in awe. I stopped dead at the open doorway. The dining room table was set, long-ways, with table settings out and almost all the guests already present, except for the birthday girl. It was gorgeous, inviting, and fun, with everyone having a good time already, yet still anticipating the person-of-honor’s arrival.

The hostess thought of everything for this themed party, including hiring me to give readings, of course. The pièce de résistance (besides me, naturally) was the gorgeous party favors: different sets of crystals placed in a compartmentalized tray, with paper cutouts signifying each crystal’s meaning, and transparent colored silk baggies for putting crystals in.

“I would have never thought of that, what a wonderful idea!” I gushed to the hostess. In the corner was a beautifully laid out table, ready for me to place my tarot cards on and begin my readings for that afternoon. I sat myself down, smiled to the guests, and gestured for the first person to come take a seat and get a reading.

I walked out of that private party absolutely glowing with every detail thought out, and memories of the wonderful people I read for.

But you don’t need a professional reader to host a party like that of your very own! (Though, ahem, I DO do party readings… and you can get on my schedule here).

If you’re lacking a reader, why not host a party like this for yourself, and you and your friends can be your own private psychics for each other? It’s an absolutely wonderful way to learn how to tap into your own intuition (and yes, before you ask, you definitely have it), and the party setting will help you relax and have a little fun with the concept. While I take my profession very seriously, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of fun and what I like to call “sacred silliness” with it, too.

First of all, different people have different natural talents. This is true for intuition, too. We all don’t intuit in the same way. While one person may be very good at just “knowing” something is up in the pit of their stomachs (what is called clairsentience – clear knowing), another person may be getting specific images or a picture show going on behind their eyelids (clairvoyance – one of the most well-known [and easily described] clairs), while yet another person swears that they heard something no one else heard (clairaudience – this happens to be one of MY clairs). Often, people will have a mix of at least two clairs. Read about the many types of Clair here.

Your psychic party should have activities for more than one of these types of intuition, so that everyone can participate… otherwise, if a psychic game is only testing or specifically preferential to ONE clair (that someone doesn’t have) it could cause bad feelings or the (untrue) thought that they’re not psychic in the slightest. I’m going to emphasize yet again: WE’RE ALL PSYCHIC.

The different clairs may be preferential to certain divinatory tools: for example, a clairvoyant may absolutely ADORE scrying in a crystal ball or the surface of water or incense, tea-leaf reading, or even be preferential to tarot cards: look at all those pretty pictures!

Here are some suggested supplies / divination tools (and how to use them):

Tea leaf reading kit: A tea leaf reading kit, or books on how to read tea leaves, would be a good investment. There are many out on the market. From The Cup of Destiny Tea Leaf Reading Kit, to the more rusty and homey looking kit from Uncommon Goods. I am lucky enough to have two different types of “tea leaf reading” cups, both gifted to me from friends that happened to see them at garage sales. You don’t have to have a fancy cup to do a tea leaf reading: one with the inner cup being a solid lighter color so that you can see the tea leaves clearly and loose leaf tea is all you need.

For more about Tasseomancy (the correct terminology for tea leaf reading), see Sarah Anne Lawless’s excellent post about it here:


Runes: Read this site to choose a set that’s right for you: The Rune Site, or specify to BYOD (Bring Your Own Divination). There are many different types of rune sets available, made from carved wood or crystals. Remember that trees and crystals each have their own specific magical and mundane properties, so take care when selecting a set. I personally have a set of carnelian runes since I resonate with that stone, but select whatever is right for you. Rune sets can be purchased from new age shops, and are even more available now in bookstores such as Barnes and Noble or through There is a beautiful selection of runes available here: 13 Moons Rune Sets.

Tarot Cards: Of course a tarot reader wouldn’t leave tarot cards off of this list! Provide one to two decks for the party, or specify on the invitation to BYOD (Bring Your Own Deck). Don’t have a deck, and have no idea how to find one that’s right for you? See here: A Tarot Deck for Everyone.

Other cartomancy, such as Lenormand, Oracle, Angel, or Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards: See here for the differences between them: The Difference between Tarot and Oracle Decks

Zener/Rhine Cards: Otherwise known as ESP cards, these cards were (and still are) used to test extrasensory perception. Not sure if you know what I’m talking about? Ever seen the movie The Gift with Cate Blanchett?


The cards with the square, circle, waves, cross, and star on them are Zener cards. Though Cate Blanchett’s character uses them to do readings in the movie much like you would spread out tarot or Lenormand cards, I’ve never seen them used this way in real life. Most of the time I have seen them, one person is seated across from the other, and one person is the “sender” looking at the card, and the other person is the “receiver”, and saying what image they are “seeing”. More information about Zener cards and to print out your own here.

For more great information on additional games to add to your party, get the book Cassandra’s Psychic Party Games.

Don’t forget the decorations! Create the ambience you want with decorations, such as using jewel tones, candles, incense, crystals and stones, lampshades covered with multicolored scarves… too mystical for you? Pretend like you’re thirteen again, and make it a sleepover theme, complete with sleeping bags (if your backs can take it, mine can’t anymore!), makeovers, and fawning over your celeb crushes… with a dose of divination thrown in for good measure!

It’s your party, and you can divine if you want to!


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