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Reality Check – What It’s Really Like Working as a Part Time Tarot Reader

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Theresa Reed and I are doing a joint venture on our blogs where we give a little peek on the truth of what it means to do this work – full time or part time. Be sure to read Theresa’s take on Reality Check: What it’s really like working as a full time tarot reader.


There was a time when I hid the fact that I had a full time job (other than tarot reading) from my clients. I thought it was shameful and somehow unprofessional that I wasn’t doing tarot full time; that I was less of a reader for it.

Then, it would somehow come up in conversation that they or someone they knew was looking for an editor, and I would say, “Oh, I do that!” … and consequentially have to explain that tarot was not the main squeeze I had purported it to be originally.

Let’s just say it’s easier to be honest up-front about my part time status rather than do an awkward backtracking.

Here’s a dirty little secret for you that I’m bringing to light, right here and now: I am in fact the norm amongst tarot readers. Most tarot readers are NOT full time. Those that are are the rare exception.Continue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: 10/23/15









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

Little Red Tarot’s Beth Maiden gets crafty and shows us how to make a hand-drawn natal chart. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I have the handwriting for it, but I don’t know if I have the artistic chops…


Will anyone come to my party? Alexandra Franzen speaks to the shy 16 year old in all of us.Continue Reading

Readers Studio 2015: Day 2

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

For Day 1’s summation, click here.

Saturday morning dawned on Readers Studio, and I decided to forego the breakfast roundtable in favor of being well-rested for Theresa’s Master Class presentation, “How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance” (if you couldn’t be there for her class, feel free to buy her e-book on the subject here… it’s well worth it!).

Theresa certainly walked her walk during her talk, and delivered a wonderful presentation to a standing ovation. You can be sure I’m using some of her tips when dealing with difficult people in general (because all my clients are gems, of course!).Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners