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Readers Studio 2015: Day 1

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Official RS15 Poster by Robert M. Place

Readers Studio… aka “the most wonderful time of the year” aka “better than Christmas for tarot readers.” Yes, once again, it’s time for the rundown of Readers Studio, day by day, minute by glorious minute.

Courtney and I arrived a little late this time, due to traffic, but still in time to say quick hellos before we seated ourselves for the Opening Session (and still in time to get the traditional greeting from Sasha Graham of “my witches are here!!!!”; Readers Studio wouldn’t be the same without that warm greeting!). Our lateness prevented me from cruising the booths in search of new decks to satiate my inner magpie, and I sat down with the lovely Shavonne Readus of RedLight Readings who asked me to partner up with her for the Foundation Reading (the cornerstone of the Readers Studio). I was delighted to meet her, as we’ve been communicating through Facebook for quite a while… it’s always nice to connect with your tarot/divination tribe in person!

But before getting to the Foundation Reading, the three Master Class teachers were introduced and interviewed. This year’s Master Class teachers were Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Theresa Reed, and Carrie Paris.Continue Reading

Sunrise, Sunset: The *NEW* Tarot Apprentice Begins…

MY new tarot apprentice? That's right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

MY new tarot apprentice? That’s right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

Oh yes. Ho hum. Things have been going on in the backgrounds of the Tarot Lady and Tarot by Hilary hubs to bring you this dual announcement today: Paige Zaferiou is Theresa Reed’s new Tarot Apprentice…. and Amelia Quint of the is MINE! (What? Who? When? Huh?)

When Theresa approached me with the question of “Are you ready?” for the mentor role, I took it as a sign that I was (is/am). If I waited for the feeling of “readiness” to appear before I approached doing something new, I probably would never do anything! It is an outstanding testament to the bumper crop of tarot apprentice hopefuls… and a sign that we all are MORE than ready to take ourselves to the next level!Continue Reading

A Shopping List for Readers Studio 2014


Attending Readers Studio for me is akin to a big kid in a candy store. Last year’s Readers Studio I bought at least 2 Lenormand decks without even knowing the system. What will this year’s Readers Studio divination trend be? (Did you even know there were trends in divination, just like anywhere else?)

I’m starting to suss out my shopping list, and I want my clients’ help. After all, the decks and techniques I acquire at Readers Studio directly contribute to what I’m bringing to y’all all year long when you book a reading with me. So, if there is any particular deck that you are interested in, let me know! If it strikes my fancy too, I’ll certainly add it to my list. After all, you don’t get if you don’t ask!Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners