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A Shopping List for Readers Studio 2014


Attending Readers Studio for me is akin to a big kid in a candy store. Last year’s Readers Studio I bought at least 2 Lenormand decks without even knowing the system. What will this year’s Readers Studio divination trend be? (Did you even know there were trends in divination, just like anywhere else?)

I’m starting to suss out my shopping list, and I want my clients’ help. After all, the decks and techniques I acquire at Readers Studio directly contribute to what I’m bringing to y’all all year long when you book a reading with me. So, if there is any particular deck that you are interested in, let me know! If it strikes my fancy too, I’ll certainly add it to my list. After all, you don’t get if you don’t ask!Continue Reading

Best of Tarot 2012

Another year, come and gone (well, almost gone). It went by so fast! 2012 was the anticipated “end of the world” for some, but as we’ve seen, life and the years go on. 2012 was a full year for tarot, and 2013 is anticipated to be just as full…

Best of Tarot

On to the Tarot by Hilary Best of 2012 in Tarot!

Continue Reading

Readers Studio 2012 Rundown—Part 3

For Part 1 of this series, see here.

For Part 2 of this series, see here.

I awoke on Sunday morning, totally bummed out that it was the last day of Readers Studio, but stoked to come back to the Foundation Reading to see just how much I learned. I had decided to skip the breakfast goings-on in favor of sleeping in, as I had a late night the night before chatting with people in the bar! Sunday morning found myself and Courtney scarfing our complimentary breakfast down before briskly booking it to the main ballroom.Continue Reading

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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use