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Can’t Read for Everyone

Sometimes, you just have to say "No."

Sometimes, you just have to say “No.”

You know the saying, “You can’t please everyone”?

Well, I’ve got a new spin on it: “I can’t read for everyone.”

Here’s a little story. I was doing readings at Whimsies Incognito one evening. It was quiet, and two women came in, not sure if they were in the right place. The first woman sat down, while her friend looked around.

From what I remember (and keep in mind, I rarely remember the content of people’s readings), it wasn’t a great reading. She looked bored through the entire reading (all ten minutes of it) and got annoyed when the timer went off. “That’s it?” she said. Had I been a younger, more inexperienced reader, I probably would have been reduced to tears at her reaction. Instead, I cheerfully chirped “Yup!”, she paid, and then she said snidely to her friend hovering in the doorway, “Don’t bother, she’s not worth it,” as they sailed out the door.

Ouch. Like I said, if I were my younger self, that would have been a big owwie to my ego. Instead, my thicker skin won out, and I laughed and shared a beer with my friend. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all.Continue Reading

How Frequently Should You Get a Tarot Reading?


Sometimes I have clients that just can’t wait to have another tarot reading. While I love enthusiastic clients, I do have to get them to take a deep breath, calm down, and remind them that there’s work that needs to be done first.

I once had a friend of mine ask for a love reading. Less than the span of a week had passed between the first time she asked the question and when she asked again. I went ahead and did the reading… lo and behold, the same cards came up in the EXACT same positions. This was definitely not a coincidence (is there really coincidence when throwing tarot cards?) and I had never seen that happen before (or since). I’m not sure who learned their lesson that day more… me or her. Pretty sure it was me.Continue Reading

2013 Preview and Why I’m Raising My Rates

An overhauled version of this website will be available January 1, 2013. You may not “see” the difference, but you’ll certainly “feel” the difference: This overhaul will be of all my content, as I still really like the steely and sparkly look of my site overall.

So, what’s in store for Tarot by Hilary in 2013? I’m SO glad you asked!Continue Reading

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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use