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Day 2 Blog Challenge: Living the Freedom Lifestyle

Day 2 Challenge: I want you to write down a reason for why you want to live the freedom lifestyle. Bonus points if you can figure out how to make a positive impact in the world by living this lifestyle.

Freedom is not going to look the same for everyone. To me, freedom is not doing whatever I want to, whenever I want to do it: freedom to me is a flexible schedule that allows for me to make time for my friends and family, make time for my tarot clients, and make time to write about tarot.

Your whys on freedom may be different than me. But my biggest reason for wanting this freedom really stems from wanting to help as many people using the tool of tarot as much as possible. And if tarot isn’t the tool that works for them, I want to help them find the tool that will work for them when tarot does not. Tarot works for me, because it’s a symbolic language I have learned to speak since 16 years old. I can help people learn the tarot, I can read other people’s cards for them, but I can’t make them make tarot their favorite go-to divination and advice system. Only they can choose that.

So, back to freedom. What I want to be free to do is to help people get in touch with the divination system that works for them. And if they’re not interested in getting in touch with their own intuition (not sure why you wouldn’t want to, since it’s our best GPS and warning system we’ve got), then I’ll divine for them.

When we’re all in touch with our intuition, the world rises up in turn: everything and everyone levels up. We don’t listen to our fears; we listen to our hearts… And our little egos aren’t running the ship anymore. I can tell you for sure that a heart-driven decision, that an intuition-driven decision, usually ends up being far more gratifying in the long run than anything that our ego planned for us.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2.

Want to join in? It’s going on until Sept. 19th, so dive in! Click on the image.

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Tarot Beginners