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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use

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Cleanse Thyself: Energetic and Home Cleansing

cleansing tools
I have noticed when doing readings and answering follow-up questions, certain themes emerge. I’m going to address one of those recent themes today, since I already answered the other: is it too soon to come see you for a reading again? in a previous post. The other question was, How do I cleanse myself or my home, energetically?
It’s really one of those questions that should be asked of a spiritual teacher or a religious figure, and not by your neighborhood friendly tarot reader. However, since I do happen to be both a witch AND tarot reader, I can both understand why clients would ask, and why they would ask it of me.

Things I use for negativity/clearing/cleansing:

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Sunrise, Sunset: The *NEW* Tarot Apprentice Begins…

MY new tarot apprentice? That's right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

MY new tarot apprentice? That’s right! Amelia Quint of the is my tarot apprentice!

Oh yes. Ho hum. Things have been going on in the backgrounds of the Tarot Lady and Tarot by Hilary hubs to bring you this dual announcement today: Paige Zaferiou is Theresa Reed’s new Tarot Apprentice…. and Amelia Quint of the is MINE! (What? Who? When? Huh?)

When Theresa approached me with the question of “Are you ready?” for the mentor role, I took it as a sign that I was (is/am). If I waited for the feeling of “readiness” to appear before I approached doing something new, I probably would never do anything! It is an outstanding testament to the bumper crop of tarot apprentice hopefuls… and a sign that we all are MORE than ready to take ourselves to the next level!Continue Reading

Can’t Read for Everyone

Sometimes, you just have to say "No."

Sometimes, you just have to say “No.”

You know the saying, “You can’t please everyone”?

Well, I’ve got a new spin on it: “I can’t read for everyone.”

Here’s a little story. I was doing readings at Whimsies Incognito one evening. It was quiet, and two women came in, not sure if they were in the right place. The first woman sat down, while her friend looked around.

From what I remember (and keep in mind, I rarely remember the content of people’s readings), it wasn’t a great reading. She looked bored through the entire reading (all ten minutes of it) and got annoyed when the timer went off. “That’s it?” she said. Had I been a younger, more inexperienced reader, I probably would have been reduced to tears at her reaction. Instead, I cheerfully chirped “Yup!”, she paid, and then she said snidely to her friend hovering in the doorway, “Don’t bother, she’s not worth it,” as they sailed out the door.

Ouch. Like I said, if I were my younger self, that would have been a big owwie to my ego. Instead, my thicker skin won out, and I laughed and shared a beer with my friend. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all.Continue Reading

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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use