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The season of death, the veil is thin, and a tarot tribute

The Death card from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White

The Death card from the Mary-el Tarot by Marie White

This is Scorpio season, the season of death, the season where the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest: it has also been a season for me and mine in which we’ve lost more loved ones than previous years.

This past Saturday, my coven celebrated Samhain, the Witches’ New Year, the sabbat made for honoring and revering and celebrating the dead, our ancestors both of blood and spirit that have crossed the Veil before us. For more information about how witches celebrate Samhain, Courtney Weber covers it here.

I’ve felt disconnected from this holiday in the past. While I’ve had family members that have died (my grandparents), and I’ve loved them, it was an obligation of love: of course I love(d) my grandparents! But I never really knew them or had much interaction with them because they lived in England. We would go to visit them every few years, but it was not the same as the relationships I saw between my friends and their grandparents, or even my now-husband and his grandparents. The loss of them happened either when I was a baby, when I was around eight years old, and later on in my teens the last of them passed. I didn’t really KNOW know them as people.

But this Samhain was hard, not only with the first of my friends passing (I’ll get to that in a moment, which is what this post is mostly about), but with my uncle passing, my husband’s uncle passing, and his grandmother passing unexpectedly as well. It was all too much, and the Veil felt more inhabited on the other side than the living side this time. It felt… crowded. So many souls clamoring to be with the living, to communicate with them, to party with them. Maybe this is how most witches feel during Samhain, but for me it was a very new sensation to feel a familiar soul on the other side.

This year, I lost someone that I knew, that I considered a friend and a tarot colleague. A few years ago I met two lovely women that live in Westchester who are also tarot readers: one came to me as a client with a full-on “hey, I’m a reader, but you know how it is sometimes when you can’t read on a subject…” and one I met at Readers Studio (the tarot conference) only to find out I had worked the same PTA fundraiser with her 2 weeks before really “meeting” her.

Since then, we have all kept in touch, and a few times have gone out to eat together and talk shop, and refer each other to clients when we can and when it’s applicable. We affectionately call our little trio the “Three of Cups”…Continue Reading

7 Questions with Tarot Diva Sasha Graham

365 Tarot Spells available for preorder now!

365 Tarot Spells available for preorder now!


This interview is a part of the “7 Questions” series. I will be posing 7 questions to people within the tarot community; whether they are bloggers, authors, deck creators, or fellow readers (or sometimes, all of the above!).

Adoration and fawnage abound when I talk about the magnificent Sasha Graham. I first met Sasha at Readers Studio 2011, and while most attendees of RS have that whole “otherworldly” vibe about them (hey, we’re all tarot readers, after all!), I felt something different off of Sasha: a true sense of groundedness amidst all the psychic wavelengths. Each passing year when I attend RS, I am greeted by Sasha’s “MY WITCHES ARE HERE!” (I look forward to that more than you know, Sasha!)

In 2013, when I presented Using Tarot for Spell-Work at the evening classes at RS, Sasha was my TA which I took as a high honor. From her book, Tarot Diva, I knew that Sasha knew what she was talking about when it came to both tarot and magic, as well as integrating the two. In 365 Tarot Spreads, she only further solidified my understanding that she was authentically true as both a tarot reader and a magical person, and deeply respectful of both worlds (while still remaining bubbly and fun).

Today’s interview is the clincher: this lady knows her shit. I cannot WAIT for 365 Tarot Spells to be published, nor for Sasha to hit the stage as a Master Class presenter at Readers Studio 2016.




Sasha Graham and her tarot books, Tarot Diva, 365 Tarot Spreads and Tarot Fundamentals, have been featured in documentaries and media outlets such as Sirius XM Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily News and featured in the cover of Crain’s New York Business. Sasha appeared regularly as a guest on the WPIX Channel 11 Morning News, reading tarot on pop culture topics and celebrities.

Sasha can be found at


1) You are the editor of Tarot Fundamentals, and the author of Tarot Diva and 365 Tarot Spreads. What inspired you to write those books? What inspired you to write your newest book, 365 Tarot Spells?

Continue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: 10/23/15









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

Little Red Tarot’s Beth Maiden gets crafty and shows us how to make a hand-drawn natal chart. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I have the handwriting for it, but I don’t know if I have the artistic chops…


Will anyone come to my party? Alexandra Franzen speaks to the shy 16 year old in all of us.Continue Reading

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