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Why I Write


I was tagged for this post by Amelia Quint of The Midheaven back in September. Why do I write? Read on.

When I was around ten years old, I wrote my very first book, “The Helping Hands Club”, that was a blatant rip-off of the Babysitters’ Club series by Ann M. Martin, which I was obsessed with. I was told (by my mother, I think) that I was slow to read and write developmentally… that I started later than what was considered normal. Apparently I made up for that time, going from slow start to aspirations of literary genius (or plagiarism) by the tender age of ten!Continue Reading

Mabon Tarot Blog Hop: Constantly Learning

scared and ready

The topic for this round of the TarotBlogHop is “talk about a time when your understanding of the Tarot undergone such a quantum leap, talking about what brought about the change in your understanding of the Tarot (if you have been able to figure it out) and how you approach the Tarot differently than you did before the change.” For more information about the TarotBlogHop, see Donnaleigh’s great explanation at

Mabon: Constantly Learning

On the 3rd anniversary of the launch of my website, I thought participation in this Tarot Blog Hop was especially significant and important, especially with regard to the topic. In describing the topic for this month’s Tarot Blog Hop: “In the life of everyone who deals with Tarot, there comes those moments where your understanding of the Tarot undergoes a radical change, or when one’s skill with the Tarot takes a giant leap forward. Sometimes this is the result of learning a new technique, or acquiring a special deck, or because of an event in one’s life; other times, it is the result of nothing that you can pinpoint. Whatever the cause, the end result is that you approach the Tarot in different manner than you did before.”

It is fitting, because my approach to tarot truly underwent a major transformation the moment I launched my website on this day in 2011. I had been in business as a tarot reader since 2005, but I don’t think I took it seriously even when I started to charge for my readings. The day the shift really happened was when my website went live. There was no way to hide anymore. When you have a web presence (that you take the time to make sure is in line with who you actually are, rather than an image of who you want to portray yourself to be online: big difference!), there’s no way to really hide. You become a brand. A public persona. Even at 2 in the morning, someone can go online and find out about you and your business.Continue Reading

Vacation 8/31/14 to 9/6/14!

day planner
I am putting away my cards and appointment book this week (8/31 to 9/6), as this little tarot reader is away on vacation! No in-person or phone appointments will be scheduled this week, and all e-mail readings will be honored in the order they are received next week when I return.
Tarot card of the day interpretations will still be posted daily on facebook and instagram.
Have a fantastic week!


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5 Empowering Spreads Anyone Can Use