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Drive-by sessions or “10 at 10”: why I do them, and how you can get in on them!

The evolution of my “drive-by” tarot sessions are well documented online. I believe my friends and fellow readers Theresa Reed and Courtney Weber used to do them in some way, shape, or form (the question of who did what first doesn’t matter, as we seem to have all asked each other who started it… which remains a mystery. My bet? The original OG Tarot Thug Theresa originated them. See here for her post on Drive By Tarot Readings).

Either way, out of the three of us I’m the only one still doing them. Why? Because people suck sometimes, and are greedy, and often get very pushy about something that is offered for free… in short, people wore out their welcome, and ruined it for the other people that were genuinely respectful of that reader’s time and contributions even offering up a free taste of how they work in the first place.

And then there’s me: who, when realizing I was burning myself out giving up too much or bending over backwards for people that really didn’t deserve it, shooting the people in the foot that ARE good clients and good people… I made a change and set boundaries so that I would NEVER again feel resentful of this aspect of my generosity.Continue Reading

October Instagram Challenge: #22daysoftarot


#22daysoftarot is a 22 day instagram challenge, starting Oct. 1st, going through the Major Arcana in the real world. #22daysoftarot #tarotbyhilary


[PLEASE NOTE: I started this challenge in 2015 – let’s do it again this October!]

This instagram challenge will help you become familiar with the Major Arcana cards of a tarot deck, and is a combination of two of the most powerful shortcuts to learning tarot I know: a card of the day practice, and viewing the entire world through a tarot lens by finding/taking pictures of those things that remind you of tarot cards.Continue Reading

How I create my channeled messages

Sometimes, my channeled messages are received like this:

Other times, it’s like this:

My husband plays darts on Tuesday nights in our hometown. I walked over there with him so that I could get in my step count (over 10,000 steps that day, so yay!). On the walk home, I was struck with another of what I call “channeled messages”: messages that come to me while I am walking in nature without headphones or anything else to distract me, or doing the dishes, or meditating, or taking a shower, or at the shore looking out to the horizon over ocean waves.

I pulled over and sat down on a bench to create a social media image for it to make sure that I didn’t lose the message. And I didn’t. I sent it out, and it always seems to resonate with people, so I’m going to keep doing it until it doesn’t. It usually seems that the very message I receive and send out is the very message I most needed to hear: as well as everyone else.Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners