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How to Recover from Giving a “Bad” Reading


“Don’t bother, she’s not worth it.”

Those words continued to ring in my ears, long after the reading was over. A snide comment, made to the client’s friend, as they sailed out the door. Whether or not she meant for me to hear it, I’ll never know. But I sure did.

It’s not like I was inaccurate, it was more like the client wasn’t enthralled, and I had to remind myself that not every reading is going to be a slam dunk.

It’s something that we have to, as readers, remind ourselves often… Especially when starting out. Readings may be stilted, awkward, sometimes going very fast like a ticker tape, or slow and having to be drawn out, paused, or outright stopped based on how the cards come out or the information is flowing. This is to be expected.

If you are lucky, after a few years of this work, the majority of your clients will be regulars or “your type” of clients, accustomed to your style or way of working, and the ho-hum readings will become more fewer or further between. You will attract more of the better fit clients, and less of the awkward. Less… But not none.Continue Reading

Natural Isn’t Supernatural: Why ESP Isn’t Extrasensory

Natural Isn’t Supernatural: Why ESP Isn’t Extrasensory


When I was little, I wanted superpowers (who didn’t?). I was drawn to TV shows that were science fiction/fantasy, shows like The Tomorrow People (the Nickelodeon import from the UK version) in which the teenagers would teleport and read each other’s minds. Movies like Escape to Witch Mountain with the twin brother and sister that ended up being telekinetic and telepathic aliens. And don’t even get me started on the classic 80s movie Teen Witch, starring Blake Lively’s older sister, Robyn (did you know that?).

But I’ve come to find that those supernatural powers out of sci/fi and fantasy turn out to not be so supernatural at all… That our “sixth sense”, known as being psychic or intuition, is in fact very natural after all. And my childhood self would be delighted to discover some of those superpowers I always wanted as a child I have come to practice and fine-tune as an adult, professionally as a tarot reader and personally.Continue Reading

Ask a Tarot Reader: Why didn’t my reading come true?


This is another post in the “Ask a Tarot Reader” series. If you have a question for me that you’d like to see featured here, please email me at, Subject line: “Ask a Tarot Reader”. Please specify how you would like your name to appear or if you wish to remain anonymous.


Some readings, we’re really into the nitty-gritty, and I’m flinging tarot cards and speaking truth: yes, I would even say I’ve been on fire with my predictions. Predictions (the type that are out of left field, bold of lightning moments) happen occasionally, but truly, that’s not my style of reading normally. I’m much more of a “holding the mirror up” reader than incense wafting and long-buried secrets revealed reader.

Other readings? It’s more like this:


Well, at least it FEELS that way. (and more along the educated guesses rather than using stereotypes to “predict” the future… thanks for feeding into the mythos of the charlatan reader, Dave Chappelle! *annoyed look*)

Thankfully the “Educated Guess Line” feeling doesn’t happen often, because what is there to guess? My job is to read the cards that come up. No guessing necessary. Yes, I’m oversimplifying the complex art of reading tarot, but truly, isn’t that what tarot boils down to? “Read the damn cards,” as my friend and fellow reader Courtney Weber would say.

While it’s a rarity, the question of “Why didn’t my reading come true?” has been asked of me and of my fellow tarot reading colleagues. It’s normally asked as a hypothetical question, or asked of me from someone that went to a different reader than me, but still… it’s asked, and I’m here to give answers. Being asked this question is not the reason that I shy away from the word prediction… it just simply isn’t my reading style, most of the time. There are several reasons why a predictive tarot reading doesn’t pan out. I have listed them here from most likely to least likely. You may be surprised by the answers… Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners