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How to Host Your Own “Be a Psychic” Party



I walked up to the lobby counter of the country club and asked, “I’m here for the party… where is the room?” They smiled and gestured to the room on the right, where music and laughter was coming from. “Follow the fun sounds?” I asked as I smiled and went.

I walked into the party room in awe. I stopped dead at the open doorway. The dining room table was set, long-ways, with table settings out and almost all the guests already present, except for the birthday girl. It was gorgeous, inviting, and fun, with everyone having a good time already, yet still anticipating the person-of-honor’s arrival.

The hostess thought of everything for this themed party, including hiring me to give readings, of course. The pièce de résistance (besides me, naturally) was the gorgeous party favors: different sets of crystals placed in a compartmentalized tray, with paper cutouts signifying each crystal’s meaning, and transparent colored silk baggies for putting crystals in.

“I would have never thought of that, what a wonderful idea!” I gushed to the hostess. In the corner was a beautifully laid out table, ready for me to place my tarot cards on and begin my readings for that afternoon. I sat myself down, smiled to the guests, and gestured for the first person to come take a seat and get a reading.

I walked out of that private party absolutely glowing with every detail thought out, and memories of the wonderful people I read for.

But you don’t need a professional reader to host a party like that of your very own! (Though, ahem, I DO do party readings… and you can get on my schedule here).Continue Reading

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Tarot Edition (aka, no, I can’t do a synastry reading)

Spoiler alert: I can only wear one hat at a time. And by hat, I mean: doing a tarot reading.

Spoiler alert: I can only wear one hat at a time. And by hat, I mean: doing a tarot reading.


“You are so spot-on!” the email read. My heart swelled. I always like to hear I’ve nailed an email reading… it’s hard to know sometimes.

2 minutes later…I was surprised to get another email in my inbox from the same person. It was a surprise not because I had already provided clarification and she confirmed what I had said was true…

… but because she was asking to purchase a service that I don’t do. Nowhere on my website did I or do I guarantee, promise, or otherwise deceive that I am anything more than a tarot reader. I read tarot. That’s what I do. That’s what all my services are based around: reading your cards, or teaching you how to read tarot, or teaching you how to combine tarot cards and spell-work. But the common denominator? Always tarot.

Yet I am constantly facing a barrage of emails or in-person requests for astrology, mediumship, past-life regression, or spell-casting (on behalf of someone else). Where do I advertise this? Nowhere. But people just assume that I can do it all. And while that’s flattering, it’s certainly far from the truth.

The Simpsons would know better than me what your past life was.


And as for astrology and your horoscope? Read the paper, or consult Family Guy.



Continue Reading

If Tarot Scares You, Don’t Get a Reading

“YOU READ TAROT, OH THAT’S SO SCARY…. I’M SO SCARED OF THEM I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT THOSE CARDS!” The woman practically was screeching in my ear as she said the words.

Really? THEN DON’T. Don’t look at them. They don’t want to look at you, either.

No, seriously. Don’t even look at this gif. [via GIPHY]Continue Reading

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