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Health and the Tarot

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I had to refund a person this weekend. Hey, it happens. I want to be able to provide readings for everyone, but in this particular case, the question would have been better asked of a medical professional than me. So I refunded the money and urged the prospective client to seek a medical professional’s opinion.

This all ties into me watching Maya Angelou on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday this weekend and a little quote she said. Continue Reading

How Frequently Should You Get a Tarot Reading?


Sometimes I have clients that just can’t wait to have another tarot reading. While I love enthusiastic clients, I do have to get them to take a deep breath, calm down, and remind them that there’s work that needs to be done first.

I once had a friend of mine ask for a love reading. Less than the span of a week had passed between the first time she asked the question and when she asked again. I went ahead and did the reading… lo and behold, the same cards came up in the EXACT same positions. This was definitely not a coincidence (is there really coincidence when throwing tarot cards?) and I had never seen that happen before (or since). I’m not sure who learned their lesson that day more… me or her. Pretty sure it was me.Continue Reading

When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Get a Tarot Reading

caution tape

I was appalled when I was talking to some fellow tarot readers the other day about nightmare-ish scenarios with some less-than-ideal clients. Some scenarios they were throwing out there seemed unfathomable to me.

For example, if you had a potentially violent ex-boyfriend trying to bang down your door, would you:
a) Call the police
b) Run into the room furthest away from the front door and cry
c) Scream back and further exacerbate the problem
d) Call a tarot reader

Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners