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Reclaiming Rainbow Brite

rainbow brite

If you’re new to Tarot by Hilary, you may not know that I changed my hair drastically in September.

This drastic change is leading me to all kinds of conclusions and revelations, especially surrounding that whole biz of truly trying not to care what other people think of me. Or, at the very least, trying to care more about what I think about me more than others!

The new hair did not escape the notice of my coworkers at my day job. Most people were very enthusiastic about the change… some more enthused about the platinum part of it, some crazy about the rainbow streaks.

But it wasn’t until a coworker at the day job called me a nickname that I had when I was in middle school that I realized the venom that I still held onto within that particular name.

I was called Rainbow Brite in middle school. People are starting to call it me again… and this time? I’m completely okay with it. After all, when you have rainbow hair, what ELSE are they going to call you, right?

In middle school, this was not the most fun nickname to have. I hated it. I cried all the time. I was the least popular girl in the entire school while I was in sixth grade. And while teenagers are prone to exaggeration, this time? It really WAS true. I had a really tough time. My parents were divorcing, and at that point in time I knew of absolutely NO ONE whose parents were divorced. I felt awkward and weird in my own skin and body. Weird was different. Different was bad. To be weird was to not fit in, and to not fit in was to be targeted for being weird instead.Continue Reading

Weekly Round-Up: 11/18/16









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

What happens when I over-commit myself to a potluck and a recipe… chaos in the kitchen!:

Of course, I deleted the “after” picture, but I swear to you, it turned out looking JUST like it did on the website! Smitten Kitchen, you make me look like a goddamn genius! Recipe for Cauliflower and Parmesan Cake, right here:

It’s been a month since hubby and I finally went on our honeymoon. Some days, I’m like, “take me back to the Bahamas!” Okay, who am I kidding? MOST days. I’ll be sharing pictures soon, but here’s my favorite one, taken by the official Disney photographer on the cruise:

Awwww... still feeling like newlyweds, a year later!

Awwww… still feeling like newlyweds, a year later!



Some more links to round out your week:

Want to read tarot at an event? Beth Maiden gives you the low-down on what to expect (and what to ask for!):

The above is definitely good advice, but if you really want to become a festival reader, this book is invaluable: Jenna Matlin’s “Have Tarot Will Travel: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading at Festivals as a Tarot Reader” (and yes, that is me that edited this book!)… gotta love the one star review because “tarot isn’t real” (rolls eyes).

I bit the bullet and got myself an online scheduler a little while back! No more email back and forth to arrive on a date and time for your readings with me, people! (You can obvs still email me, as I love hearing from you…) Are you a service provider that needs the power of online scheduling? I can’t recommend Acuity Scheduling enough in terms of ease of use, saving time, and peace of mind. Get scheduling through them, here: Acuity Scheduling [affiliate link]

Have a problem with consistency (starting it and sticking with it)? You’re not alone! One of my readers, Will Chou, reached out to me after reading one of MY articles regarding consistency… and he’s got some great advice for you, here: 17 Secrets To Be More Consistent and Stay More Consistent 

So the big giveaway of The Tarot Coloring Book is over, and the lucky winners are being sent their goodies tomorrow. Sorry for any broken hearts I may have caused for you not winning! But you can still enjoy The Tarot Coloring Book by picking up your own copy… and when you do? Check out this ongoing series from Theresa on how to bling your copy out! How to Bling The Tarot Coloring Book 

My latest musical obsession? Outlander Season 2 Soundtrack by Bear McCreary… the blog published on its release date is here: [Some spoilers here from the season, so tread carefully!]

Speaking of Bear McCreary, his USC Thornton School of Music commencement address is pretty spectacular. You may not realize it now, but attitude really IS everything. 

What’s floating your boat this week? Leave a Comment below and share!


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Empower Your Readings! How to frame questions for the tarot (with example questions you can take with you to your next appointment!)

“Asking the proper question is the central action of transformation—in fairy tales, in analysis, and in individuation. The key question causes germination of consciousness. The properly shaped question always emanates from an essential curiosity about what stands behind. Questions are the keys that cause the secret doors of the psyche to swing open.”—Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D., Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

One of the number ONE questions/problems I face as a reader: being confronted with a client that says, “I’m not quite sure how to phrase my question… can you help?” or “I’m not sure if I CAN ask this…” or “How do I ask this?”

Trust me, I’d rather people ask me about phrasing their questions: it shows that they know the power of a question, rather than just answers. Because if you ask the right questions of the tarot, miraculous things can happen, and your experience with the tarot will be that much more richer and deeper.

There’s a quote that says (roughly paraphrased), “It’s not the answers, but you asking the right questions.” because really, how can you get the best answers if you’re not asking the right questions? You can’t.

So here’s some ways that you can phrase questions for the tarot that will make for an enhanced and empowered tarot experience.Continue Reading

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