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What an obscure electronic board game from the 90s has to do with my psychic development

When I was younger, I wanted to be psychic SO BADLY. This was long before I became a professional psychic (through the use of tarot cards). Long, loooong before I even knew about tarot at all.

Not only was I obsessed with all things psychic, crying into my crystals how I was never going to be one of those elite few who seemed to be able to see through it all: people, situations, lies, manipulations, down to the cold or warm or hard truth… I was also obsessed with finding my soulmate. Long before I was truly even ready to date anyone, let alone find “the one.”

I don’t think I’m unusual in this regard. Many classic late-80s to early-90s board games were MADE for this kind of weird obsession I had, making me think that many pre-teen to teen girls were also similarly fixated on both witchiness and finding a boyfriend.

The one I most remember was Ask Zandar, which had a “crystal ball” in the middle with a wizard in it, and as you moved your pieces around the board, you would ask the crystal ball questions. This crystal ball was a mini-Zoltar of sorts, spewing out audio predictions in a tinny metallic-sounding voice that was a poor facsimile for what a mystical wizard was supposed to sound like. Yet, my newly formed teenage mind held tight to those pre-fabricated “predictions” like the last piece of Halloween candy.

Truly, this was a board game that encompassed the two things I was searching for at that point in my life: love and supernatural powers.Continue Reading

A Tarot Reader’s Holiday Wish List (are you getting ideas for you and yours?)

My former tarot mentor often calls me the “Keith Richards” of the tarot, as I seem to have a near-addiction to buying new tarot decks. I fail to see the problem. I guess I’m a hopeless case!

Though I do have the urges to buy new decks on an almost-daily basis, this past year I have restrained myself and have hardly bought anything at all. I think I may have treated myself to the Animal Spirit deck from the Wild Unknown, along with their incense, Spirit Cloth, and tea… okay, maybe I really DO have a problem!

Here’s my wish list as it stands 12/24/16:Continue Reading

An update & a surprise to help you start 2017 with a bang!


I’ve never been much into New Year’s Resolutions – I’ve found most of mine laying by the wayside come the 3rd week of January, at best. But one thing I do know?

I’m hopelessly devoted to serving you next year.

I’ve been listening closely, all year long, and especially when newsletter subscribers filled out my yearly survey in August. The #1 struggle that you’ve shared with me is getting unstuck.

That’s why I’m declaring 2017 to be the Year of Cosmic Clarity.

That’s right. I’m on a one-woman mission to help you “get clear.” [and not in the Scientology “going clear” way]

What do I mean by clear? Here’s an example: maybe you have been feeling stuck creatively, knowing you have a book to write or art to create but can’t seem to find the _________ [time/energy/inspiration/motivation/insert your reasons or excuses here] to actually make it happen. A tarot reading can help you get clear on what’s really blocking you, help you tap into your creative center, and open up channels so you can start creating NOW. Anyone ever told you that you “have a book in you?” A tarot reading can help you make that happen… if that’s what you want to do!

More on that later.

Here’s some of the hot stuff that you can expect from me in 2017:Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners