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Casting Love Spells: A Cautionary Tale

heart beach

Once upon a time, a young foolish teenager cast a spell.

She cast a spell at one of the many power sites in the world, where all the elements meet in one place. Air, water, fire, and earth … where the land meets the ocean. She found a pure white stone, and asked the Gods to bring to her a true love. She was tired of waiting, so she sought out a way to bring him to her. She held the stone in her left hand, and cast the love spell in the way that she was taught to cast it: without envisioning a specific person and without being unduly specific, because magic follows the path of least resistance, and magic often does not work in ways that humans understand or can anticipate. She held the stone firmly, and when she felt ready, she threw the stone out into the ocean, into the crest of a huge wave, and determined that the waves of the oceans constantly coming into shore would eventually bring love into her life.

It took three years and many relationships and coincidences for him to arrive.

How did she know that he was the one she asked the sea to bring to her?

His name means “from the sea.”

I wrote this little “fairy tale” story back in 2007, when I still was with the person in question whose name meant “from the sea.” Yes, that young foolish teenager that cast the love spell was me, and yes, the story above (though flowery in language) really happened. Why am I writing about it now? That spell taught me very valuable lessons in how spell-casting really works.Continue Reading

What a tarot reader does when they’ve had a crap day

Lately, I’ve been what my mother would call “in a mood.” Grumpy. Lazy. Out of sorts. In a rut because I’m out of my regular routine.

Being on a quasi-hiatus/summer schedule has made me feel out of touch and rusty. And grumpy. Did I mention grumpy already? It bears repeating.

There’s only so much wallowing that a girl can take before it’s time to decide to claw her way out of it. It doesn’t take a minute or a moment or even a day. Sometimes several days of positive consistent action is needed to get out of the slump.Continue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: 6/5/15









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

Currently, what’s stirring me is the concept of “permission.” Why do we feel we need to ask others for permission to do something that we really want to do? Why do we seek permission to be ourselves, to honor our intuition, or to stop being so damn hard on ourselves?


Creativity, Intuition and What Following Your Heart Really Means: “Your creativity and intuitive inner guidance are absolutely intertwined – never doubt it.”


Man, where has this post been all my life? 8 Permission Slips for Real Life from BuzzFeed

Because everyone needs a permission slip to buy socks instead of doing laundry sometimes!

Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners