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What a tarot reader does when they’ve had a crap day

Lately, I’ve been what my mother would call “in a mood.” Grumpy. Lazy. Out of sorts. In a rut because I’m out of my regular routine.

Being on a quasi-hiatus/summer schedule has made me feel out of touch and rusty. And grumpy. Did I mention grumpy already? It bears repeating.

There’s only so much wallowing that a girl can take before it’s time to decide to claw her way out of it. It doesn’t take a minute or a moment or even a day. Sometimes several days of positive consistent action is needed to get out of the slump.Continue Reading

The Weekly Round-Up: 6/5/15









On select Fridays, I’ll be posting a few links that are currently rocking my world.

Currently, what’s stirring me is the concept of “permission.” Why do we feel we need to ask others for permission to do something that we really want to do? Why do we seek permission to be ourselves, to honor our intuition, or to stop being so damn hard on ourselves?


Creativity, Intuition and What Following Your Heart Really Means: “Your creativity and intuitive inner guidance are absolutely intertwined – never doubt it.”


Man, where has this post been all my life? 8 Permission Slips for Real Life from BuzzFeed

Because everyone needs a permission slip to buy socks instead of doing laundry sometimes!

Continue Reading

Lessons from Boy Meets World and a return to regular programming

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Thank goodness for MTV2 and their showing episodes of Boy Meets World, or this blog post would have never gotten written in the first place. Inspiration comes to me from weird places, and I’m just going with it!

In the episode, “Quiz Show,” Topanga, Cory, and Shawn become minor celebrities as the boring public access academic quiz show turns to glitz and glamor and watchable as pop culture questions are being thrown at them.

Their teacher Mr. Feeny is abhorred by their sudden rise to fame because of the way they got there…. meaningless trivia, citing that the United States’ academic deficiencies may be due in part to this veneration of useless knowledge instead of people focusing on more worthy endeavors.Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners