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Tarot Beginners

I’m Hilary Parry Haggerty, and I’m a tarot reader. I believe in interactivity, tough love, and a no-nonsense approach. I do tell it like it is. I am simply the girl next door... that reads tarot.

You wouldn’t make a major decision in your life without consulting a few of your trusted friends for advice, would you? Probably not. Sometimes you need someone with more objectivity. I offer that objectivity, and then some, with my tarot readings.

I am based out of Westchester County, New York. If you would like an in-person reading with me, you need to be in the Westchester area, too. For in-person readings, I do not have a home office (yes, I make housecalls!) and readings are by appointment only. If you are not in the area, readings are also available through phone, Skype, and e-mail. Isn't technology wonderful?

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I read tarot like I write. And where I write about tarot is at my tarot blog.

Any lingering questions? The best way to reach me is via e-mail.

Monthly Archives: February 2018

Eating the humble pie: what I learned about tarot from getting smacked down in writing


About a time where I thought I was hot shit, until I realized I am definitely not. Please wait until the end… I promise you, my articles (and life) ALWAYS circle back to tarot.

As I was finishing college, I realized after a conversation with the bursar’s office that I would be 3 credits shy of getting my BA, despite overloading my schedule to a whopping 23 credits one semester. Yeah, you heard that right—I took 23 credits in one semester while a normal class load for a college semester totals 12 to 14 credits. So yeah… even with working my buns off, I was still not going to graduate on time.

Why was this so? Well, this little sheltered girl got the taste of freedom her freshman year and instead of attending classes I slept through them and partied a little too hard.. oh, and failed calculus. Yeah, I was taking calculus freshman year, first semester. My GPA took a huge nosedive: high school graduation I had a 3.5 ish, and after the first semester of college, I had a lovely 1.57. Eek. It wasn’t that I was dumb, I was just lazy and I never had to work for a good grade my entire life: until college. I digress.

So, I busted my butt in college after that flawed first semester to push myself back to the good grades that I knew that I had in me, and the willpower to sit down and get the work done without my parents looking over my shoulder to do it. And even after busting my butt, my efforts weren’t good enough. Still shy those 3 credits.Continue Reading

7 Signs That You’re Already a Fantastic Tarot Reader


1) Humans are natural storytellers. And what is tarot but telling the story that is on a bunch of cards?

2) You’ve already chosen your tarot deck… or your deck has chosen you.

3) You understand that not everything is fated or destiny: that an empowered person uses the tarot to guide, not dictate. Who likes to be ordered around? Pretty much nobody with half a brain, so why would you let a bunch of inanimate cards order you around? You wouldn’t. Take any tarot reading just like any type of advice: with a grain of salt and full acknowledgment and responsibility of your choices and decisions.Continue Reading

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Tarot Beginners